Sallade-Soliday Cemetery

Baltimore, Ohio

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The pictures on this page were taken at a Sallade-Soliday Cemetery, a small family cemetery outside Baltimore, Ohio (Pleasant Township, Fairfield County). I don't want to give out a specific location since this cemetery is on private property. The owners were very friendly and let me take some pictures since I asked permission. Since I'm sort of on the topic of private property, I want to mention that you should ALWAYS ask for permission before exploring cemeteries or buildings on someone else's property. It's just common courtesy, plus you could get in a lot of trouble for trespassing.

There are two cemeteries on this property. One is in front of an old building, and the other is in the middle of a cornfield. The cemetery in the cornfield is in pretty bad shape. I guess the land has eroded, plus the field has been plowed for several years. The owner has been unable to locate the markers that would state where the bodies are actually buried.

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