Potterstown Lutheran Cemetery

Weston, Ohio

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Potterstown Lutheran Cemetery is located back a grassy lane off the west side of Wapakoneta Road, not too far north of Sand Ridge Road, outside Weston, Ohio (Weston Township, Wood County). The coordinates are 41° 21' 0.06" N, 83° 52' 11.11" W.

Potterstown Lutheran Cemetery is no longer active. It's very easy to drive right by it if you're not looking closely - it sits pretty far from the road, and there's a strip of trees that hides it. Maybe it's due to the cemetery's hidden location, but it's been badly vandalized. The grounds are well maintained by the Weston Township trustees. Potterstown Lutheran Cemetery is one of the only traces of the old village of Potterstown. Potterstown was destroyed by a fire many, many years ago. Many of the town's former residents are buried in this cemetery.

A very big thank you to Mike McMaster for taking me to this cemetery, and for sharing lots of great information about Potterstown with me...I truly appreciate all the help he has given me with finding/identifying Wood and Henry County cemeteries!

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