Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Lucas, Ohio

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Pleasant Valley Cemetery is located on Pleasant Valley Road, just west of Stout Road, outside Lucas, Ohio (Monroe Township, Richland County). The coordinates are 40° 39' 33.26" N, 82° 24' 13.44" W.

Pleasant Valley Cemetery is also known as the Lutheran Cemetery. There are many old gravestones, are most are in good condition. The cemetery is very well maintained.

Pleasant Valley Cemetery is supposedly haunted. Many of people capture orbs or strange shapes on film, but I didn't. The cemetery is haunted by the Rose family. In 1896 Ceely Rose murdered her mother, father, and brother. Her family is buried at this cemetery.

A little more information on the story behind the haunting: Ceely Rose and her family lived in a house on the grounds of Malabar Farm State Park. Ceely Rose had a huge crush on a local boy named Guy Berry. Guy, however, did not feel the same about Ceely. Ceely was so in love with Guy that she told her family, friends (in fact, anyone who would listen!) that she was engaged to him. Guy was afraid that he'd hurt Ceely's feelings if he told her he had no intention of marrying her, so instead he lied and told her that they could never get married because her family did not approve of him. That made Ceely furious, she couldn't believe her family would keep her from her true love. So she decided to soak flypaper in water and then pour the arsenic-laced water on the cottage cheese she served them. Within three short months her parents and brother died. Guy left town for several years, he was afraid what Ceely might do to him if she ever found out the truth. Some of her neighbors eventually got her to confess to the murder. She was locked away in a mental hospital in Lima, Ohio for the rest of her life.

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