Pine Street Colored Cemetery

Gallipolis, Ohio

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Pine Street Colored Cemetery is located on Pine Street (OH-160) in Gallipolis, Ohio (Gallipolis Township, Gallia County).

Pine Street Colored Cemetery is no longer an active cemetery, but it's very well taken care of. Like Pine Street Cemetery located across the street, there are also several historically notable people buried here, including:

  • John Gee - Founder of the cemetery, 1860. John Gee was a religious leader and carpenter who built many of the city's early homes.

  • Leah Stewart - First legally recorded colored person in Gallia County, 1803.

  • Willis Battles - Another talented carpenter in early Gallipolis.

  • Daniel Webster - Successful restauranteur.

  • Lemuel Holmes - A cooper.

  • George Mason - A shoemaker.

  • Mulligan Connor - A banker.

  • Henry Bell - A plasterer.

  • Mary Washington - A nurse.

  • Phoebe Smith - Founder of the Mutual Aid Society.

  • Robert Mitchell - Led the way to early desegregation of Gallipolis Public Schools. Due largely to his efforts, the schools were integrated in 1918.

A big thanks to my friend Mark for telling me about this cemetery, and for visiting it with me!

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