Payne Cemetery

New Straitsville, Ohio

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Payne Cemetery is located on the west side of OH-595 in the Wayne National Forest, outside New Straitsville, Ohio (Ward Township, Hocking County/Coal Township, Perry County). The coordinates are 39° 33' 41.71" N, 82° 15' 29.48" W.

Payne Cemetery is located on the Hocking/Perry County line - the sign is right at the front of the cemetery. It is no longer active. Even though it's small, there are plenty of old, interesting gravestones to look at. The grounds are extremely well taken care of by Perry County.

The marker at the front of the cemetery has some interesting historical information:

"Before you is a remnant of the historic Black community of Payne's Crossing. Freed from slavery in Virginia in the early 1800's they settled here then joined the fight for freedom during the Civil War."

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