Williamsville Cemetery

Lewis Center, Ohio

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Williamsville Cemetery is located at the intersection of Hidden Ravines Drive and Orange Center Drive, east of US-23, in Lewis Center, Ohio (Orange Township, Delaware County). The coordinates are 40° 10' 13.62" N, 83° 1' 8.38" W.

Williamsville Cemetery is small, and it is no longer active. There are many old gravestones, including several that were moved from the Patterson-McCloud Cemetery in 1970. Many of the graves that were moved did not have markers (or the markers could not be found), which is why there are several unknown graves. The cemetery is very well maintained.

I received an e-mail from Lee Ann Morris, a website visitor, with more information about this cemetery:

I just wanted to mention a few things about the Williamsville Cemetery you visited. My husband's family were the caretakers for many years and I actually spent my last night as a single woman in that cemetery. One of the stones pictured near the tree with all the broken stones is my husband's ggg-grandmother Edith Bosley.

The newer flat marble stones (including unknown stones) are actually from the Patterson Cemetery. These were bodies found with no stone or little information regarding the person found. Often this was just dirt or jewelry/etc as these were VERY old burials before being moved due to the Alum Creek Dam.

Also, the stones are odd in the cemetery. Stones that are laid out facing east are the original burials, and all the moved burials are facing west.

Some of the stones leaning on the tree were picked up on various trips to the cemetery in the past decade. Some are recovered from thefts and vandalism caused by local high school and college students. Unfortunatly cemetery records do not allow us to figure out where these stones belong to lay in the correct area, so mowers just place them safely against the trees. The newer stones toward the rear were only added in the past few years to replace several that were damaged by a large bush that covered at least four or five stones for years and probably were cracked or damaged beyond repair.

A big thank you to Kate for telling me about this cemetery, and for visiting it with me!

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