Pancake Chapel

London, Ohio

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The Pancake Chapel, also known as the Pancake Schoolhouse, is located on Selsor Moon Road in London, Ohio.

The chapel is no longer used as a church; a farmer is now using it as a storage building. There is a small cemetery behind the chapel that I want to visit. I planned to visit it on this trip, however the farmer had cattle in the field around it so I decided to wait.

The Pancake Chapel is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of several children who were killed there during an Indian raid. Today people claim to see strange lights floating around the chapel late at night. Some even claim to hear the children crying and screaming.

In December 2008, I received an e-mail from Tony Adams with an observation regarding one of my photos:

I was looking at the pictures from the Pancake Chapel. I noticed something, might be nothing but a coincidence, but in the photos front of chapel and side of chapel...look in the left window. On the front, the discolored wood appears to be in the shape of a screaming girl! I thought it was odd to see that!

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