Oakwood Cemetery

Troy, New York

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Oakwood Cemetery is located at 50 101st Street in Troy, New York (Rensselaer County). The coordinates are 42° 45' 50" N, 73° 39' 59" W.

Oakwood Cemetery was established in 1848. It is huge, and it is still active. There are many old gravestones, as well as a multitude of beautiful statues. Most of the monuments are in excellent condition. The grounds are extremely well maintained.

The dead aren't the only ones who call Oakwood Cemetery their home...we saw several deer when we visited in October 2007:



Oakwood Cemetery is also supposedly haunted. There have been reports of an apparition that walks around the area near Uncle Sam's gravestone. Others have seen glowing lights and shadows, and some have even heard screams from the cemetery at night.

For more information about the cemetery, please visit the official website.

Many thanks to Dee for taking me to this cemetery!

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