Ohio State Reformatory

EVP and Other Audio

Linda and I only caught one EVP on the digital recorder. We may have had more, however it seemed like there was always a group of people walking through solitary confinement. Therefore, most of the sounds we caught on the recorders were people talking in the background.

We did three recordings. The third recording is definitely the most interesting. The first 4 minutes are just Linda and I complaining about the noise and asking silly questions. Right around 4 minutes and 9 seconds into the recording though it got quiet and you can hear someone whisper "hello". Neither of us said it, and no one was in proximity of our cell at the time. I think we had a ghostly visitor!

The other fun thing to listen for in the third recording has nothing to do with ghosts. About 7 minutes and 25 seconds into the recording you hear a guy say "Oh Jesus!" and a couple girls scream very loudly! Linda and I had our flashlights off while we were recording and the cell was pitch black. So when these people walked up to our cell and shined the flashlight in they weren't expecting to see two faces staring at them. It was hilarious, and the scream is perfect. I've played the scream part of the recording over and over for my family, friends, and coworkers (at their request)...it's great!

In August 2005, Dave Check sent me an e-mail to let me know about another EVP he heard in the third recording (the second file below). Here's what Dave sent me:

"If you listen very carefully right after the lady says 'Were we already down here' and at the same time you hear a man's voice talk about how dark it is, I can hear a whispered 'Yes'. The voice I hear sounds like the same voice that is saying hello in the first recording."

Anyway, enough with the background info - here are the recordings! Both of these files are from the third recording:
  1. The EVP - listen closely for a voice saying "hello" (112KB, 7 seconds)
  2. The scream from the people we scared (921KB, 58 seconds)

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