Old Methodist Cemetery

Saint Clairsville, Ohio

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The Old Methodist Cemetery is located on the north side of Newell Avenue, two blocks east of OH-9 and two blocks west of the Courthouse, in Saint Clairsville, Ohio (Richland Township, Belmont County). The coordinates are 40° 4' 51.6" N, 80° 54' 19.6" W.

The Old Methodist Cemetery is small, and it is no longer active. My photos of the cemetery turned out awful since it was raining really hard when we visited in November 2006. However, I was impressed by all the old, interesting gravestones. Some have been damaged, but the majority are in great condition. The township does a great job of maintaining the cemetery.

Thomas Carr, the man who murdered Louiza Catharine Fox, is buried at this cemetery in an unmarked grave. In January 2007 there was an article about the murder in the Times Leader. You can click here to read it. They mentioned the Old Methodist Cemetery. If you'd like to read more about the Louiza Fox murder, please click here to visit my page about the murder site.

Many thanks to Tim Fox and Justin Huntsman for visiting this cemetery with me!

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