Olive Branch Cemetery
(Carrie's Grave)

McClure, Ohio

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Olive Branch Cemetery is located at the northeast corner County Road P and County Road 5A, about 1 mile north of US-6, outside McClure, Ohio (Damascus Township, Henry County).

Olive Branch Cemetery is a very beautiful cemetery. It is located on a small hill, and there is a terrific view of the surrounding farms. It is extremely well taken care of. I think it's still an active cemetery.

Many people know Olive Branch Cemetery as the home of "Carrie's Grave". I've heard a couple different versions of the haunting story:

The first story I heard goes like this...many, many years ago there was girl named Carrie. She was always picked on by other kids, they were extremely mean to her. One day they pulled a prank on her that went bad, and she was killed. She was buried in Olive Branch Cemetery. Seems the poor girl couldn't get any peace even after she died though. The local kids would visit her grave late at night and trash it, even going as far as breaking her gravestone to pieces. Her parents were furious and heartbroken, so they put a cast iron fence around her gravestone to keep the kids out. The kids still tried to trash the grave though, even with the fence. However, the first time the kids tried to destroy her grave after the fence was put up, Carrie came out of her grave and killed the boy by driving a fence post through his chest. Today people claim to hear Carrie scream every night, exactly at midnight.

I didn't see the name Carrie on any of the gravestones within the fence when I visited. However, one of the gravestones did have the name Susan on it, so the second story is a little more believable...

According to the second story, Carrie was the baby of a a proud mother named Susan. Sadly, Carrie became sick with a plague, and died a slow, painful death. Susan was heartbroken, and she started to go crazy. VERY crazy. One night Susan went to the cemetery and dug up her beloved Carrie. She treated the dead body like it was a live baby until she died. When Susan and her husband died in the early 1800s, they were buried in the fenced-in plot with Carrie. Today people claim to feel a presence behind them when they visit the grave, like someone following them. And on the date Carrie died, people claim to see Susan's ghost weeping at the grave, holding her dead baby.

Unfortunately, I didn't see anything when I visited the cemetery in October 2004. I did get creeped out once though, when the wind blew through the old trees at the back of the cemetery...they make a really loud creaking noise! I don't know whether the haunting stories are true or not, but they definitely are eerie. But remember, should you choose to visit this cemetery, please be respectful and don't litter or vandalize any of the gravestones!!

In March 2005, I received an e-mail from Greg B., a website visitor, about his creepy experience at Olive Branch Cemetery:

On your page with the pictures from Olive Branch Cemetery, McClure Ohio I have a comment! I was at the Cemetery last Spring 2004 and was using a Kodak digital camera with a brand new battery and was taking pictures of the "Carrie Van Vaklenburg" grave when the power from my battery was drained. I had to return to the car for another battery! I have never experienced anything like that before or since! Do you think laying on her grave had anything to do with it?

In June 2005, I received an e-mail from Diana S. regarding Carrie's grave at Olive Branch Cemetery:

My friend and I live in McClure, Ohio and have visited Carrie’s grave. On the "supposed" gravestone there IS a name and date of death, two of them in fact. On one side is Carrie S Van Valkenberg. Date of death was April 24th 1887. On another side of the tombstone is a Jennie Van Valkenberg. Her death is recorded as September of 1875. My friend and I have placed flowers inside Carrie's grave fence and told her we are not there to harm her, but to be nice to her as others have not. Also, on one visit we were unwelcomed as a figure stood within the grounds. We did not see the figure, but it appeared in my digital photo. The figure was not human, but was a ghost. We loved our experiences there and went back to check on our flowers we placed just today. Also, Susan’s stone was inside the fence as well but was broken, we put the two pieces back together for her and we are appalled that anyone could do the things they do.

I received an e-mail from Kim in August 2008. She shared some information regarding the somewhat recent disappearance of Carrie's gravestone:

I wandered if you knew anything about the disappearance of Carrie's gravestone. My brothers and I were there in November, and the stone was still in the fence. It seems that sometime after January 2008, Carrie's stone and Susan's stone were MISSING! I realized this around February, and the stones have been missing every since. I wandered if you could help solve this mystery.

If you have any information regarding these missing gravestones, please e-mail me. Stealing or vandalizing gravestones is an especially terrible thing to do. By doing this, people ruin cemetery exploring for everyone.

I received the following e-mail from Greg B. in September 2008:

One night my friends and I went to Carrie's Grave, and being high school kids, we were of course freaked out. We walked over to where her grave was, and being my first time, I didn't know what to expect. We were just sitting there talking for a few minutes when we heard something, so we took off back to the car. We then stayed in the car for a few minutes and talked about what happened. One of my friends had told me that when he went there before, there were incredibly large hand prints on his car roof the next day. So being curious, I checked mine the next day too. And to my surprise, I also had the hands on my roof! Personally, I don't know what to make of it...it could have been a friend playing a joke, but whatever happened that night was incredibly weird and unexplainable.

I received the following e-mail from an anonymous visitor in September 2010 about his visit to Olive Branch Cemetery:

I'm a 19 year old male, and my girl and I went to see Carrie tonight. Everything was all right until we got into the fence. My girl heard a noise, and when we looked around there was a figure walking around the site. I don't know how to tell you what it was or looked like, but I know it was real. My girl was so scared that she ran. I found her 5 minutes later, 20 feet away and passed out. I'm still wondering what that was. I'm going back tomorrow with a camera to see.

If you have a story about Carrie's Grave, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll add it to the site.

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