Old Washington Cemetery

Old Washington, Ohio

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Old Washington Cemetery is located on Old Mill Road in Old Washington, Ohio (Wills Township, Guernsey County).

Old Washington Cemetery is still an active cemetery. There are lots of old, interesting graves to look at, and the cemetery is very well taken care of.

I enjoyed looking at all of the old gravestones, but I thought the most interesting thing about this cemetery was the grave of three Confederate soldiers who died on July 24, 1863. It's unusual to see Confederate soldiers buried in cemeteries here in Ohio (with the exception of the large Confederate prison cemeteries such as Camp Chase and Johnson's Island). The epitaph on the gravestone (pictured above) and the Ohio Bicentennial historical marker in front of the cemetery give some history on why these men are buried here.

Text from the historical marker:

"On July 23, 1863, General John Hunt Morgan entered Guernsey County with 600 Confederate cavalrymen, the remnant of a 2,000-man diversionary raiding force that had traversed Kentucky, Indiana, and southern Ohio. Morgan's forces halted in Old Washington on the morning of July 24 for rest and provisions. Three pursuing Union cavalry units under Brigadier General James M. Shackelford (1st and 3rd Kentucky, 14th Illinois) assembled on Cemetery Hill to the south and began firing on the Confederates in town. The raiders returned fire. In the exchange three Confederates were killed and several wounded. Eight were captured. Outflanked, Morgan proceeded northeast to Columbiana County, where he surrendered two days later. The three Confederate casualties are interred in the cemetery behind this site."

Epitaph on gravestone:

"Here was laid to rest by the citizens of Washington under public authority, the bodies of three confederate cavalrymen killed during the battle of Washington July 24, 1863, when a force in command of Confederate General John Morgan, was overtaken and defeated by Federal cavalrymen in command of General James M. Shackelford."

The grave of the Confederate soldiers alone makes this cemetery worth visiting!

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