Old East Cemetery

Willington, Connecticut

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The Old East Cemetery is located on the east side of Old Cemetery Road, just north of CT-74, in Willington, Connecticut (Tolland County).

The Old East Cemetery is large, but it is no longer active. There are many old monuments with beautiful carvings and interesting epitaphs. Most of the gravestones are in excellent condition, but a few of the older monuments have been damaged over the years. The cemetery is very well maintained.

I found out about this cemetery after my mom watched an episode of "Monsterquest" on the History Channel in 2008. The show's investigators were looking into a case of vampirism in the town of Willington. They had discovered a letter published in a 1784 newspaper that mentioned a "quack" doctor who had an unusual cure for dealing with a recent consumption (tuberculosis) outbreak in the town. This doctor believed that the way to end the outbreak was to exhume the body of the "vampire" who was causing the problem, look for vines growing through the coffin, cut the vines, remove the organs from the deceased person's body, and then burn the organs. The letter mentioned that a local resident named Isaac Johnson tried this procedure by exhuming the bodies of his two children. Creepy stuff!

For more photos of the cemetery (and even more information about the vampires), please visit the Haunted Connecticut website.

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