O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub

New Orleans, Louisiana

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O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub is located at 508 Toulouse Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

O'Flaherty's is haunted by the ghosts of Joseph Wheaton and his mistress Angelique. Back in the early 1800's when the building was still used as a house, a man named Joseph Wheaton lived there with Mary, his wife. Joseph wasn't very loyal to Mary, he had a mistress named Angelique. One night Angelique was over at the Wheaton's house. Joseph and Angelique got into a terrible fight, and Joseph pushed her out the third floor window into the courtyard behind the house. Angelique was killed instantly. Joseph didn't think anyone would see the accident, but when he looked outside a young slave boy was looking up at him. He knew that he would be caught and found guilty of her death. The thought of jail or execution was too much, so he went into the bathroom and killed himself. Their ghosts can be seen today wandering through the upper floors of the building.

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