Octoroon's House (734 Royal Street)

New Orleans, Louisiana

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The Octoroon's House is located at 734 Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The house at 734 Royal Street is haunted by the ghost of an octoroon (a woman who is 1/8 black) named Julie. In the early 1800's it was common for young men to acquire an octoroon to keep as a mistress. The only condition was that they could never marry. Well, Julie was head-over-heels in love with her master, and she wanted nothing more than to get married. One cold December night during a ball the master decided to make a sort of dare. He told Julie that if she could prove her love for him, he would marry her. Julie said she would do anything to prove her love.

The master told Julie that in order to prove her love, she would have to stand naked on the roof of the house all night until dawn. If she did this, he would marry her. The master had no idea she would actually accept this challenge. He went back downstairs to enjoy the ball.

The next morning the master went to Julie's room to check on her. He was surprised to find her room empty. He immediately rushed upstairs to the roof. When he looked outside he saw his mistress huddled near the eave of the roof, frozen to death.

Today, on cold December nights people claim to see a naked octoroon lady pacing the roof, waiting for her lover to marry her.

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