Oak Grove Cemetery

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

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Oak Grove Cemetery is located on the south side of US 40, the National Road, in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Oak Grove Cemetery is a beautiful, large cemetery that sits on a few steep hills. It's right in front of a big hospital. My dad, who grew up in Uniontown, said that everyone always laughed about the town's biggest cemetery sitting in front of the hospital!

I have a lot of relatives buried in this cemetery, so it was nice to finally visit it. I also heard some interesting stories about people buried there. The first story I heard was about the DeCarlo mausoleum. My Aunt Linda told me that it was broken into not too long ago. The people broke into it, and drug out the old lady buried in it. One of our cousins was her undertaker, and I guess he was one of the best embalmers ever...the old lady's body was still very preserved even though she died a LONG time ago! The people who drug her into the street wanted her ring, so they cut off her ring finger it took both the finger and ring with them!!

The other story I heard involved the fireman's grave I have listed in the dropdown box above. My dad said his dad told him that the firefighter died while fighting a gigantic fire. I guess he fell through the building's skylight, right into the fire. The fire chief paid for his gravestone.

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