Oak Alley Plantation

Vacherie, Louisiana

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Oak Alley Plantation is located at 3645 Highway 18 (Great River Road) in Vacherie, Louisiana. Today it is open to the public for guided tours.

In the early 1700's a French settler built his small house where the large plantation stands today. He was the person responsible for planting the twenty-eight beautiful live oak trees that line the path to the house.

In 1820 Oak Alley Plantation was purchased by Valcour Aime. On May 19, 1836 Valcour Aime transferred the ownership of the plantation to J.T. Roman in exchange for the Roman family's old home and payment of a bank debt. The Roman family lived there for many years.

Oak Alley was owned by many people Records show that on May 19, 1836, an act of sale before Judge Louis M. Taney transferred ownership of Oak Alley Plantation from Valcour Aime, who had purchased it in 1820, to his brother-in-law, Jacques T. Roman. This transaction was conditioned so that Valcour Aime would acquire the nearby Roman family estate in exchange for Oak Alley plus cancellation of a bank debt. Mr. Roman built the large house that currently sits on the land between 1837-1839.

Oak Alley had a few other owners throughout the year, but it is now owned by the Oak Alley Foundation. It's a gorgeous place. It has even been used in several movies and TV shows. The most famous show filmed here was Interview with a Vampire in 1994. Some of the other movies were Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Dixie: Changing Habits, The Long Hot Summer, and Primary Colors.

Oak Alley Plantation is supposedly haunted. Many people (including visitors on tours) have reported seeing the figure of a woman in an old fashioned black dress inside the house, and also on the upper porch. There have also been sightings of a man in boots walking around the kitchen. In addition, employees have heard mysterious voices and sounds after the tours have finished. Check out the last photo in the dropdown box above...that picture did NOT look blurry on my camera's display, but when I downloaded it to the computer it looked super blurry. I downloaded it several times, and it always turned out like this. All the other photos turned out fine. Pretty strange, isn't it?!

Please see the official Oak Alley Plantation website to see museum hours, ticket prices, and contact information.

Click here to see photos from the cemetery at Oak Alley Plantation.

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