New Weston Cemetery

Weston, Ohio

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New Weston Cemetery is located on the north side of Euler Road, just west of OH-235, in Weston, Ohio (Weston Township, Wood County). The coordinates are 41° 21' 19.85" N, 83° 47' 36.11" W.

New Weston Cemetery is located across the road from Old Weston Cemetery. It is large, and it's still active. There are very few broken gravestones, just about all of them are in perfect conditon. There is a very large veteran's memorial that also has very little damage. The cemetery is extremely well taken care of!

In October 2005, I received an e-mail from Tammy Dewese with lots of information about the cemetery:

"The "tall gravestone" belongs to the founder of our town. Ralph Keeler, Sr. is buried there with his wife, Orlantha, his two daughters, and a son, William Olmstead Keeler. The interesting thing is that where their graves are now is also where their cabin was built in the early 1800's. Where William was born is also the very spot where he was buried. You can see six square markers surrounding the graves, those are the markers where their cabin stood. There was another son, Ralph Keeler Jr., whose name is also on the gravestone, but he is not buried there. He ran away from home at age 11 after both his parents died. He went on to become a famous writer, and was often in the company of Mark Twain, P.T. Barnum, Longfellow, and many other very famous people. He wrote a book called Vagabond Adventures in 1870, and in 1873 he disappeared on a ship going to Cuba while doing a story on the Spanish War for a New York Newspaper. It is believed he was murdered and thrown overboard.

The "Large Mausoleum" is not a mausoleum at all. It was built as a vault, used only for storing the dead until they could later be buried. I have a newspaper clipping from the late 1800's that says the longest they had to keep a corpse within it was five months, and it came out looking just as good as the day they put it in there. They said in the clipping, "Our vault is a dandy!" We are trying to get a group together to save the ponds and Soldier Monument, and are trying to find out about grants. The vault is used only for storage. Not too many people have ever seen inside it. I did at age 17, I used to mow out there and they stored their mowers in it."

A huge thank you to Mike McMaster for telling me about this cemetery, and for visiting it with me!!

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