North United Brethren Cemetery

McClure, Ohio

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The North United Brethren Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of County Road P and OH-65 about a ½ mile north of McClure, Ohio (Damascus Township, Henry County). It is sometimes referred to as the North Cemetery.

At one time there were 50+ gravestones in addition to the mausoleum at the North United Brethren Cemetery. The mausoleum is still standing and it's in good shape, but the majority of the gravestones have been broken. There are still a few standing though. There are many broken gravestones and footstones scattered at the edge of the cemetery in the trees that you can't see from the road. However, even though the gravestones aren't in the greatest shape, the cemetery grounds are very well taken care of.

There's also a chance the North United Brethren Cemetery is haunted! Check out this story I received from Melanie A:

On Saturday May 14,2005 my friend Diana, her son Brandon, and my two boys, Jared and Christian, and I went to a cemetery on St Rt 65 and P, which is located North of St Rt 6. We were looking for Olive Branch...This however wasn't it, but boy did we get a scare! We explored the little cemetery, and Christian and I walked over to the mausoleum. Much to my suprise the door was left unlocked and ajar, an open invitation for me to go on in. I went in before I let the kids come in. The roof vents were facing east to west. I shut the door, and from the north wall going south I felt a cold breeze. I didn't feel anything being of a wicked nature, so I allowed my friend Diana and the boys to come in. As we were investigating, I noticed that some of the tombs were empty, and some of the stones that marked these tombs were cracked. Anyway, this is NO LIE...Diana was on the North wall looking at a tomb in the top level trying to peek in through a crack, I was on the south wall, and the kids were next to me. All of a sudden one of the stones "fell out" from the bottom row in a fashion like it may have been pushed from the broke into 3 pieces, NAME SIDE UP!!!!! Keeping in mind that had it fallen over on it's own, the name would have been DOWN!!! We all about shit, especially the kids. We left quickly, I was the last one out the door and I turned around and apologized to Henry, for his was the name on the stone. That night was too cool!

If you've experienced anything odd at the North United Brethren Cemetery, please send me an e-mail and I'll add your story to the site!

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