State New Insane Cemetery

Columbus, Ohio

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The State New Insane Cemetery is located close to one of the Twin Valley Psychiatric Center buildings off Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin Township, Franklin County). It's not too far from the State of Ohio Asylum for the Insane Cemetery.

This cemetery is the most recent of the four mental hospital cemeteries located in Columbus. Most of the patients buried here died in the 1960's. Like the other cemeteries, the gravestones are very simple and uniform. The cemetery is very well taken care of.

My friend Mark and I were able to find this cemetery in August 2004. We thought we'd try to access it on our own without getting permission, and we were successful. However, I would recommend being very careful should you try to visit without permission from the psychiatric center. Although we didn't see any "No Trespassing" signs on the path we took, I know the entrance is posted from the other direction. Also, there are plenty of trees around the cemetery, and there are some homeless people living close like I said, use extreme caution if you choose to visit!

A big thanks to my friend Mark for visiting the cemetery with me!!!

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