Mudhouse Mansion

Lancaster, Ohio

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Mudhouse Mansion is located on Mudhouse Road, just off Lake Road, outside Lancaster, Ohio.

Mudhouse Mansion is one of Lancaster's most famous abandoned places. It was built sometime between 1840-1850. In 1919 the property was sold to Henry and Martha Hartman. Henry Hartman died in 1930 and the property was inherited by Lulu Hartman-Mast, his daughter. Her descendents still own the land today.

Mudhouse Mansion is supposedly haunted. The most popular story goes that a government official who lived there after the Civil War still kept slaves. He was very cruel to them, he would lock them in one of the outbuildings every night. One slaves was fed up with the cruel treatment, and one night he dug his way out, entered the house, and murdered the entire family. The family and the slaves who lived there haunt the house today.

I've also heard that the "Bloody Mary" lives there. It seems that every haunted building, bridge, or cemetery is the place where the legendary Bloody Mary murdered her children. I highly doubt she lived in Mudhouse Mansion, or that she was buried at Lucas Cemetery (Mary Jane's Grave) in Richland County, Ohio :)

Obviously I didn't try to sneak into the house. I'd love to see it, but I've heard too many stories of people getting caught. Also, I'm not sure how safe it would be to enter the house anyway - on July 17, 2003 part of the first floor caught fire and made it even more structurally unsafe.

I know I've mentioned this on other pages, but please remember that this house is on private property...that means you should try to get permission before visiting it. If you don't have permission, it's considered trespassing and you could face fines or jail time. And I've heard the owner of Mudhouse Mansion always tries to press charges.

Bob Kueppers, a website visitor and webmaster of sent me this great photo and poem he wrote about the mansion:

Mudhouse Mansion Poem

In March 2007 I received the following information from Eliza E.:

Looking in the "Weird Ohio" book, my dad saw a picture of what everyone is calling Mudhouse Mansion. The real Mudhouse Mansion is gone. It was torn down in the 1970's. He said it was off of State Route 188. What everyone is calling Mudhouse Mansion is really the Mast House. Hence, the reason the owner's name is Mast. I'm not saying anyone's information is wrong. I'm just saying that something may be mixed up between the two house's histories. I just wanted to bring it to your attention. It's confused me a lot.

In October 2007 I received the following information from James:

I just thought you might like some info on Mudhouse Mansion: Mudhouse Mansion wasn't named after the road like everyone thinks...I know you might think I'm crazy, but I'm not. I'm 29, and for years my family has told me that. The reason that I know that is because my great great grandmother was born and raised in the real mud house which the road was named after. It was a mud and wood constructed house. They call the current Mudhouse Mansion this name only because the address is Mudhouse Road. Over years it went from the house on Mudhouse road to Mudhouse Mansion...which sounds better?? lol

In September 2008 I received the following information from Chad P:

I have some information that you might find interesting. I became interested in the house a few months back due to a friend who drives by it everyday. So I started doing my research, and the best book that I found was my father. My father's name is Emmett Pinkstock, and he grew up in the Lancaster region his whole life. He actually lived in the white house next to the "Mudhouse" house, while he was a young boy (it burnt down in a fire a few years back.). His father and the last owner, Helena Hartman, were good friends. He gave me some really great info on the house and the stories. The house was still in order until the late 1960's when Helena passed away. She had inherited the house through her parents, who were farmers at the time they passed. Dad told me of the beauty that was in the house. There were 22 rooms with 10 bedrooms all upstairs...he told me that all the windows upstairs were all stained glass. The outhouses outside held different things. One building behind the back, he explained, was a generator room where they made their own electricity. Another building was divided into two sections for their carriages and a blacksmith shop. Helena was never married, and was a farmer who raised cows on the property. Dad remembers going up as a young boy and helping with the animals and farm. She was famous for her onion gravy that she fixed (Gross, I know!). She was a very simple woman and was a sweetheart by all means. She wore simple dresses and looked like she didn't have a toilet to pee in. He explained to me that when she died, the house was left the way it was. She was never married and had no kids. The house went over to her nephew who already had a fortune of his own. And also with the name of the house, he referred to it as theHartman-Mast House. Mudhouse was on the other road across the was actually made of mud and rock. So the house was left pretty much to just decay away after she died. That's the reason its in the shape it is. He told me that after she died there were numerous breakins for the furniture that she kept inside. He explained she had silver everything and clocks throughout the house that were encrusted with rubies. And as far as the current owner, Jeanie Mast, she really isn't that mean old lady that everyone takes her to be. She's in her early 80's who lives right down from the house. I've been able to talk to her about the history, that house is AMAZING! But there is no Bloody Mary's or war general with slaves. Just rumors that came about. The house was one of the first brick ones in Lancaster and was one of the finest. So of course, like she said, you're going to have legends and stories about it.

For more information about Mudhouse Mansion, check out the following website: Mudhouse Mansion - Forgotten Ohio.

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