Mount Olive Cemetery

Bidwell, Ohio

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Mount Olive Cemetery is located on the east side of Mount Olive-Bidwell Road outside Bidwell, Ohio (Springfield Township, Gallia County).

Mount Olive Cemetery is a very well taken care of cemetery, and it looks like it's still active since there were quite a few relatively recent gravestones.

I was told that there used to be a small one room church beside the cemetery, but arsonists burned it down sometime in the late 1990's. You can no longer see where the church was, but there is an outhouse that's still standing.

A big thanks to Linda Baird, a website visitor, for telling me about this cemetery! She's also the person who told me about the church that used to stand next to the cemetery. Also, a big thanks to my friend Mark for helping me find the cemetery. He braved the horrible multitude of bloodsucking mosquitos to visit the cemetery with me, and I really appreciate that!

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