Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery

Hillside, Illinois

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Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery is located at 1400 South Wolf Road in Hillside, Illinois (Proviso Township, Cook County). The coordinates are 41° 51' 59" N, 87° 54' 27" W.

Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery, which was established in 1900, is the oldest Catholic cemetery in the western part of the Archdiocese of Chicago. There are many gorgeous statues and mausoleums. The majority of people buried in this cemetery are Italian. The cemetery is extremely well maintained by the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Mount Carmel Cemetery contains the remains of many notable people, including those of several bishops and 1920's gangsters, including Al Capone. There is even a ghost story associated with the cemetery: The story of the "Italian Bride." Julia Buccola Petta's grave is easy to find, it has a statue of a bride on the monument. She died when she was 20 years old, in 1921. After she was buried, her mother started having odd dreams in which her daughter was buried alive and needed help. She had these dreams for six years, and finally she was able to get permission to have Julia's body exhumed. When the casket was opened, her body had not decayed at all. A portrait of her exhumed casket and body is on the grave. This odd story has provided the material for ghostly legends, and today many people claim to see her apparition in a bright white wedding dress near the grave. I, of course, saw nothing paranormal while I was at the cemetery.

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