Mount Calvary Cemetery

Columbus, Ohio

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Mount Calvary Cemetery is located on Mt. Calvary Avenue off Mound Street, east of Cooper Stadium, in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 39° 56' 50.36" N, 83° 1' 28.12" W.

antique postcard

Antique postcard, postmarked September 2, 1907

Mount Calvary Cemetery is a large Catholic cemetery that was established in 1865. It borders Cooper Stadium and Green Lawn Cemetery. There are several groups of nuns buried here that belonged to various orders. Bishop Watterson's sarcaphagus is located in the center of the cemetery under a very large crucifix. Bishop Watterson was one of the most loved bishops in the Columbus Diocese, and he not only spoke in Catholic churches and facilities, but he also spoke on the Statehouse lawn regularly. A local Catholic high school is named after him. The cemetery is full of interesting gravestones, and it is very well maintained.

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