Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Newark, Ohio

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Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery is located on the west side of OH-13 outside Newark, Ohio (Newark Township, Licking County). The coordinates are 40° 2' 8.38" N, 82° 24' 11.77" W.

Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery is still active. There are many older gravestones, and the oldest are located on the south side. Most of the gravestones are in great condition, but several have been damaged over the years. It is a beautiful cemetery to visit, and it is very well maintained.

In September 2006 I received an e-mail from Alicia M. about this cemetery:

A man was brutally murdered and raped in the lower half of the cemetery. The police told my parents that four kids went up there to "park" and almost ran over the body! When the police got there they could not tell if the victim was male or female. He had been stabbed over 30 times and his penis had been cut off. Unfortunately it had been raining that night and all the the forensic evidence had been washed away. Of course, a couple of days later my family had to check it out because it had happened in what we called our backyard. You could see the rocks his body was laying on stained with blood, or so we thought. To my knowledge the killer was never found. After that I would never go in the cemetery after dark. I wouldn't even drive my car through there even to this day!

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