Moxahala Cemetery

Zanesville, Ohio

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Moxahala Cemetery is located on the east side of Moxahala Avenue, at the intersection with Harrison Street, in Zanesville, Ohio (Muskingum County). The coordinates are 39° 55' 37.25" N, 82° 0' 18.26" W.

Moxahala Cemetery was established in 1811, and it was used until 1855. Most of the gravestones have been broken and vandalized, and many are illegible. There is a monument at the front that lists all the people buried in the cemetery. The grounds are well maintained.

Moxahala Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Miss Arnold. Now, I don't know about the ghost part, but the story is true. Miss Arnold was a young lady who lived in Putnam. She died and was buried in Moxahala Cemetery in the winter of 1823. During that winter, Dr. Calvin Conant was teaching four medical students at his farm. One morning Jake, the hostler who took care of Dr. Conant's horses, went into the barn and saw the foot of a young lady sticking out from under the hay. He ran screaming and yelling from the barn, and told one of the medical students what he saw. The student got defensive and threatened to harm Jake if he told anyone about the body. Jake was scared and kept quiet all day. That night, the medical students hid the body, which was never recovered. Jake couldn't keep quiet though, and the next day he told Dr. Conant what he had found. They went to the cemetery and found that Miss Arnold's grave had indeed been robbed. They contacted the town's law enforcement. The community was outraged, but the town had no law against grave robbing. They found the students guilty of stealing grave clothes, and eventually they were set free. A few years later, three more of Dr. Conant's students were caught robbing a grave. And again, Dr. Conant denied any knowledge of the crime. According to legend, Miss Arnold's spirit is seen roaming around the Moxahala Cemetery, where her body should have been buried.

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