Mound View Cemetery

Mount Vernon, Ohio

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Mound View Cemetery is located on the east side of Old Mansfield Road in Mount Vernon, Ohio (Clinton Township, Knox County). The coordinates are 40° 24' 15" N, 82° 28' 59" W.

Mound View Cemetery was established in 1833. It is a very large and still active. There are several notable people buried there, including:

  • Daniel Decatur Emmett - Composer of the song "Dixie Land", which was extremely popular in the South during the Civil War.

  • Hiram Davis and Barney Davis, AKA "The Wild Men of Borneo" - Hiram and Barney Davis were dwarfs who toured the country with the Barnum and Bailey Circus. They were billed as the twin sons of the Emperor of Borneo, the only "Wild Men" in captivity.

  • Senator Jesse Burgess Thomas - United States Senator from Illinois. Introduced the "Missouri Compromise", a bill concerning slavery in the newly founded state of Missouri.

  • Robert C. Kirk - Member of the Ohio State Senate, and also served as a Lieutenant Governor. President Lincoln appointed him Minister to the Argentine Republic, and President Grant appointed him Collector of Internal Revenue for the 13th District.
  • William Penn Bogardus - Member of the Seventh Independent Cavalry, the group that served as Abraham Lincoln's bodyguards.

  • Honorable Columbus Delano - Congressman, also appointed Commissioner of Internal Revenue by President Grant. Later received an appointment as Secretary of the Interior.

Many might see Mound View Cemetery and think it got its name just because it's located on a large hill. However, there really is a mound at the cemetery. It is an Adena Indian mound that was built sometime between 1000 B.C. - 200 AD. The mound was discovered in 1845.

There are many interesting gravestones and mausoleums in Mound View Cemetery, and there is a gorgeous view from the top of the hill. The cemetery is extremely well taken care of, it's definitely an interesting place to visit.

For more information about Mound View Cemetery, visit the Mound View Cemetery Self-Guided Walking Tour page.

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