Mound Cemetery

Marietta, Ohio

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Mound Cemetery is located at the intersection of Fifth Street and Scammel Street in Marietta, Ohio (Marietta Township, Washington County). The coordinates are 39° 25' 12.68" N, 81° 27' 6.05" W.

Mound Cemetery gets its name from the large Indian mound, named Conus, that is located in the center. The mound is thirty feet tall, and you can climb to the top by using the staircase (there is a fine for climbing on other areas of the mound). Most historians agree that the Hopewell Indians constructed Conus, although most of the other mounds in the Marietta area were built by the Adenas.

Mound Cemetery is filled with old gravestones, and it is still active. Most of the gravestones are in excellent condition; very few have been damaged. The cemetery is the final resting place of many Revolutionary War veterans, as well as veterans of other wars.

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