Monnett Chapel Cemetery

Bucyrus, Ohio

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The Monnett Chapel Cemetery is located on the south side of Monnett Chapel Road, just east of OH-98, outside Bucyrus, Ohio (Bucyrus Township, Crawford County). The coordinates are 40° 44' 20.69" N, 82° 59' 33" W.

The Monnett Chapel Cemetery is small, but there are many interesting gravestones. Although most are in good condition, a few of the older gravestones have been damaged. The cemetery is very well maintained.

Stu Koblentz sent me some historical information about the cemetery:

Monnett Chapel Cemetery is located north of Kirkpatrick, about four miles, on the east side of the road. It is located across from the Hord Livestock feed plant. The sign on the road says Light House Baptist Church - they rent the building from the descendents of the Monnett family who built it. The chapel was designed by Frank Packard, who also designed the Seneca Hotel, Veterans Memorial Hall on East Broad Street, and the old Lindberg mansion (now the Columbus Foundation). In the 1800's, the Monnett's owned just about every bank in Bucyrus and had huge land holdings - they were also fire and brimstone Methodists of the old order. Mary Monnett Bain, who gave the money to Ohio Wesleyan University for Monnett Hall, was part of the family. Besides being a Monnett graveyard, the cemetery also contains The Monnett Memorial: an avenue of black granite stones. No one is buried along the avenue, they are simply stones placed in honor or memory of the family. The grandfather of Orra E. Monnette is in the cemetery - Orra founded the Bank of America Los Angeles in the 1920's, which merged with the Bank of Italy in 1929 to create the Bank of America.

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