Mound Hill Cemetery

Gallipolis, Ohio

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The entrance to Mound Hill Cemetery is located off Neighborhood Road in Gallipolis, Ohio (Gallipolis Township, Gallia County). The coordinates are 38° 59' 9.2" N, 82° 9' 14.6" W.

antique postcard

Antique postcard, postmarked May 28, 1944

Mound Hill Cemetery is a very large cemetery that is still active. The cemetery is very well taken care of. Although there are lots of old, interesting gravestones to look at, as well as many beautiful statues, that's not the best part of visiting this cemetery. I mentioned in the paragraph above that you have to drive up a large hill to get to the cemetery...well, the view from the top is SPECTACULAR!! Mark and I got stuck with an ugly, hazy day to explore this cemetery, but the view was still very impressive. I can only imagine what it would be like on a clear day!

A big thanks to my friend Mark for telling me about this cemetery, and for visiting it with me!

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