Mount Olive Cemetery
(Mary Jane's Grave)

Lucas, Ohio

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Mary Jane's grave, which is actually Mount Olive or Croneis Lutheran Cemetery, is located at the south end of Tucker Road outside of Lucas, Ohio (Monroe Township, Richland County). I was warned that once the road turned from gravel to dirt it was a little scary to drive on, and that definitely wasn't a lie! The road has really deep grooves in it which makes it very difficult to drive on. The coordinates of this cemetery are 40 38' 17.77" N, 82 26' 36.56" W.

Mt. Olive Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Mary Jane, AKA "Bloody Mary." When you were about ten years old, do you remember going to slumber parties and being dared to summon Bloody Mary's spirit by going into a dark bathroom, looking in the mirror and saying "Bloody Mary" three times? Well, this is supposedly the same person! I guess Bloody Mary's face would appear in the mirror, but I never tried it...a friend's mom told us that she better not catch us trying that because if you saw Mary Jane's face you'd die. And that was all it took to keep my friends and I from trying this!

The cemetery is very isolated, and it's in a very wooded area. That alone makes it creepy, and that's probably the only reason the stories started. I haven't heard any facts about the ghost stories associated with this cemetery.

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