Mount Olive Cemetery
(Mary Jane's Grave)

Lucas, Ohio

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Mary Jane's grave, which is actually Mount Olive or Croneis Lutheran Cemetery, is located at the south end of Tucker Road outside of Lucas, Ohio (Monroe Township, Richland County). I was warned that once the road turned from gravel to dirt it was a little scary to drive on, and that definitely wasn't a lie! The road has really deep grooves in it which makes it very difficult to drive on. The coordinates of this cemetery are 40° 38' 17.77" N, 82° 26' 36.56" W.

Mt. Olive Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Mary Jane, AKA "Bloody Mary." When you were about ten years old, do you remember going to slumber parties and being dared to summon Bloody Mary's spirit by going into a dark bathroom, looking in the mirror and saying "Bloody Mary" three times? Well, this is supposedly the same person! I guess Bloody Mary's face would appear in the mirror, but I never tried it...a friend's mom told us that she better not catch us trying that because if you saw Mary Jane's face you'd die. And that was all it took to keep my friends and I from trying this!

The cemetery is very isolated, and it's in a very wooded area. That alone makes it creepy. Since it's so far away from everything you can hear all sorts of animal noises.

Now, before I really start discussing the ghost legends about this cemetery, please read the following e-mail from a Richland County law enforcement officer:

I have read several of the posted visits to and legends of Mary Jane's Grave on this site and find most interesting. Let me explain something about this cemetery that is not legend. First, it is not legend but fact that I am a Deputy Sheriff for the Richland County Sheriff's Office. Second, it is not legend that the Sheriff's Office is fed up with dealing with the vandalism, trespassing, arson, criminal damaging, robbery, stolen vehicles, under age consumption, drug abuse, and just about any other crime you can think of that takes place at this cemetery. Third, the most scary thing you will find at this cemetery is dressed in a black shirt, driving a black car, and will be wearing a gold star. This scary thing will take your car, your alcohol, your drugs, your friends, and finally YOU to an even scarier place where murderers, rapists, robbers, and child molesters reside...and this place is known as JAIL! Let those buried at this place rest in peace. This is sacred ground. Would you vandalize a church while drunk and stoned? If your answer is yes, then those dressed in black will be there to take you away. By the way, the next time you get the urge to come to this cemetery and get stupid, see if you can locate the motion detection video cameras we have just purchased with grant money. So if you are not arrested at the cemetery the scary people dressed in black can now come to your house and take you away!

OK, with that warning out of the way (and he is right - people who vandalize cemeteries do deserve to be taken to jail!), here's some info about the legends of Mary Jane...

Supposedly Bloody Mary was buried here in the 1800's after she was burnt at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Legend has it that her name is carved on the tree in the center of the cemetery. I looked at all of the trees in and around the cemetery, and I couldn't find her name anywhere. However, the tree in the center did have some marks on it that appeared to be burn marks. One site visitor e-mailed me and told me these marks were caused by spray paint, not fire...and he said he was with the people who spray painted the trees when they did it. But April, another website visitor, insists that these marks are a result of fire. Here's her story:

That is NOT spray paint. What you see are actually burn marks. I was on my way down there one night close to Halloween (of course) and a car was flying off the little dirt road. I figured they got spooked, when me and my friend got down there the tree was on fire around and inside the cross carved on it. I'm not sure if the people we saw leaving did it or not. However my friend and I put the fire out with two 20oz bottles of Mountain Dew. I also have pictures from that night, the fire and after the fire. I can also tell you that the spirits were not very happy that night. I have several pictures from down there that have got spirits and other little oddities in them.

Another story states that the tree she was buried under bleeds on the night she was killed. If you decide to go to this cemetery I'd recommend you take a few friends. Especially if you go at night,this isn't a place you'd want to go to by yourself simply because it is so isolated.

I recently heard from a website visitor, Steven L., about this cemetery. It sounds like the cemetery was in even worse shape before the summer I visited (2003), and that the big stone with all the names of the people buried there is a fairly new addition...Here's the e-mail Steven sent me:

I think I told you that the Mary Jane Cemetery was a mess. I thought I would tell you that while I was not looking, this summer, the cemetery was fixed up and there is access to it again. It now has a few stones and one huge one with bunches of names on it, which (I think) replaces a lot of broken stones.

Even more recently, I heard from another website visitor - Larry M. Larry provided another story about Mary Jane, one I hadn't heard before:

Hi, I just read your page on Mary Janes Grave. I might say it is typical of the stories told about this place. However, the reason the graveyard is in such disarray is because of the inaccuracies told about this place and the lack of research prior to listing stories about it. If you research thru the books Haunted Ohio, you will find the story of Mary Jane. SHE WAS NOT A WITCH AND SHE DIDN'T DIE AT THE STAKE. She was a servant of the man who owned all the property in this area. When he felt she had served him long enough, he gave her a piece of land down near the cemetery where she lived out the rest of her life. She was a herbalist not a WITCH. When she died, she asked to be buried on the slope of Hidden Hollow where the sun would shine on her grave. Furthermore, A witch would not be buried on Holy Ground. She wouldn't have been buried or given a tomb stone.

Please help to preserve this site by giving accurate information so kids will stop destroying the graves of the dead. Thank You.

I think Larry's story is very interesting, and I thank him for sharing it with me! I know I've said it on several other pages, but if you choose to visit any cemeteries, haunted or not, please be respectful and DON'T VANDALIZE!!!

In September 2004 I received an e-mail from Shaun B., a website visitor, who heard another interesting legend about Mary Jane's grave:

I remember a story about Mary Jane's gravestone. Supposedly there was a hole in it, and if you looked inside you could see Mary Jane's eye. My friend's father told me it was just collected rain water reflecting your own eye.

In October 2004 I received another e-mail about an experience at Mary Jane's Grave, submitted by website visitor Alisa Brake:

Just yesterday a friend and I drove down to Mary Jane's grave...the reason we went there was because we both heard a story about it. Supposedly one night 4 guys were going down there and three of them were drinking (except the Designated Driver). Anyway, they had gone down there because they wanted to see her grave. The three guys that were drinking peed on the big pine tree behing her grave. On their way home the three guys that peed on her tree died in a car accident, but the one guy who didnt pee on her tree lived....

In December 2004 I received an e-mail from Brittany B. who had more information on the story Alisa submitted:

The story about the guys that peed on the of the guys that lived was my uncle! Yeah, and there were two guys in the 1st car which hit a tree and the two guys in the car died. The two guys, one was my uncle, were behind them and lived. My dad was just telling me and my friend about that story which is really weird! The bodies of the two guys who died were scattered all over the road, they had to use garbage bags to collect all the pieces! My uncle swears it was because they peed on the grave! I live like 4 miles from Mary Jane's graveyard and I guess now they have cops down there so you can't get back there and there are no trespassing signs everywhere

In February 2005 I received an e-mail from Ashley B. who had a correction to make to the last story:

I was just reading one of your stories about how they have cops and no trespassing signs everywhere, that's so not true. Me and my friends go down to Mary Jane's grave all the time, seeing that we live about 15 minutes away. As a matter of fact we were just there a few nights ago, (January 29, 2005). You can still get back to the graves. I've heard that if you go to the middle where Maryjane's pine tree is and stab it with a knife dead in the center then it will leak out a liquid which is said to be blood. Think about it: its a pine tree and something leaks out. You tell me what it is.

My guess would be the liquid leaking out of the tree is probably just sap, but who knows...maybe it is blood. No matter what is is, it's still an interesting story!

In March 2005 I received an e-mail from Erin D. with more information another story about the burn marks on the tree:

The story posted by Larry, about Mary being a servant and owning that land and not being a witch and stuff..true! BUT if you look VERY close at the front of the tree the "burn marks" you see are an angel!! And the other side of the tree the burn marks make out to a noose, which Mary Jane was hung by! It all makes perfect sense! I've been down there quite a few times and its sooo scary! A friend of mine swore on their life and everything that as they were driving down the gravel road they saw an older white woman dressed in a white dress for like two seconds and then she disappeared!!

In April 2005 I received the following story from Jodie H., a website visitor:

I went to Mary Jane's grave today out of curiosity and there are no "No Trespassing" signs up and no gates up. You can walk freely back to her grave. I saw the tree she was supposedly burnt at and I did not see her name or initials in the tree anywhere. I got an overwhelming feeling of sadness while I was there. I wasn't afraid at all, I was just sad.

I saw all the other graves but I was too scared to walk around and look because of the sad feelings I got. So I just left. I am unsure exactly where she is buried or where her old house was, I would however love to know because it intrigues me. I find her very interesting. I would not, however, go out there at night...I'm too chicken!

In June 2005, I received the following information from Myrrha about Mt. Olive Cemetery:

I just thought that you might like to know that back beyond the cemetery, in the woods behind, is a Mohawk Indian burial ground. It's been mapped and recorded in county documents. My boyfriend and I placed a sattelite photo over an old plat map and it matches perfectly. So maybe all the "Creepy" feelings that people get when they screw around there have nothing to do with the old herbalist woman, but the Indians who are constantly getting stomped upon by over-zealous spook hunters.

In August 2005, I received the following story from AJ E.:

My stepdad says he saw the old woman at Mary Jane's Grave too, but he went there on Halloween night when he was in high school around 1992. He had just got a new camaro, and when he turned down the old dirt road, about halfway up there he saw what he thought was a ghost. Suddenly his car died, then he saw the ghost walk down in the woods. Then she disappeared. After that, his car came on! He said it was the weirdest thing that he's ever seen. My Uncle, Mark Eden, went up there too, but he said I need to go up there and find out for myself!

Also in August 2005, I received the following information from Nathan:

The cemetery is actually on state property, and it is patrolled by the park service. I was pulled over and told that it was closed after dark and that I was trespassing. However, I have been down there several times and have always had trouble. Once we heard a scream and once we had severe car problems. A friend received a flat tire. Also cell phones and car radios seem to quit working.

On a side note, it is a very dangerous place even without the "haunts." A couple years back two females were attacked by a car load of 7 men, who chased them into the woods then lit their car on fire.

On August 20, 2005 I received the following e-mail from Sarah H. about her scary visit to the cemetery:

My sister, me, and my boyfriend were going up to Mary Jane's Grave today. This road we were on to get to Mary Jane's grave had a sign that said "Bad - Turn Back", and then we finally got to Pleasant Valley Road. When we got on the road, me and my sister and boyfriend all saw a white wolf. Then we about hit a black crow. When we got on Tucker Road we saw a thing in the road, and it was a bird! We all saw it, and of course my sister moved the car really quick! But when we looked back, it was just branches with leaves and shit. We kept going of course, and then there was a puddle of water that I swear looked like a body laying there.

Well, we keep driving, and then the hills...OMG!! Every hill we went up they just kept getting bigger and bigger. My sister started to freak out, so she turned around and man oh man...I think that was a wrong idea! We turned around, and then we went the other way on Tucker Road. There was this old fucking barn that looked like something was messed up with it. Well, we finally got to Hanley Road and I honestly don't think it was Hanley Road. Then we came to another road, and it turned into Possum Run Road. It takes you back to Tucker Road. We didn't turn onto Tucker Road, but the weird part is we ended up where Mary Jane's grave is! It was so weird...we were going around and around and around in circles! And the last time, this black dog appeared out in front of the middle of the road. It didn't run to the middle of the road, it just appeared there and then ran to the side we weren't on. It just stood there and looked at us, and then when we drove off it disappeared. It was so weird that the hills kept getting bigger and bigger too. And when we first got to where the grave is, we saw a man looking at us like something was wrong. That's why we turned around.

On September 30, 2005 I received an e-mail from Kady B. about her experiences at Mary Jane's Grave:

The truth about Mary Jane's Grave - indeed she was a witch, and I am sure that anyone in Mansfield cound tell you that! But I can tell you about a little story that happened to me about a year ago in August of 2004.

It was a hot summer day, and of course me and some friends wanted to go down to the grave to maybe just goof around or to just get out of the house. Anyway, we go down to the grave and we all prayed around the tree where people say she is buried. One of my friends happens to be into witchcraft, and asked us if we thought it would be ok to have a seance, where you bring people back from the dead. We looked at each other in a weird manner at the time, but we all said sure why not? So we all go back to my house, but before we left the cemetery we took a piece of bark off the tree. We came home and we all got in a circle, and my friend said all the things needed to be said. She asked Mary Jane, that if she was in our presence, to please knock on something one time. There was a knock on my television which was only 2 inches from my head! Then she asked for Mary to do it again, and the knock was heard again. Then she asked Mary Jane to do something really drastic if we had pissed her off by waking her up...then all the power went out in Mansfield that night!!!

Of course, all of us were scared off our asses and we didn't know what to do. So the only thing we could think of was to go down to the cemetery and put the bark on the ground, then pray over her grave. On the way down there my friend who has had his license for 5 years without being pulled over got pulled over for a back tailight being out. Everything was fine before we left the house to go back down there. So we asked the officer why the power was out. He looked at us and said lightning had hit a transformer, but then he looked at us strangely and said, "you know with all the storms we've had, never has this happened. But then we get heat lightning and it blows out the whole city." So we all just looked at each other, we didn't know what to think. We got down to the cemetery and we put the bark on the ground. My friend did a little spell, and needless to say all the power came back on in Mansfield!!!!!!

On October 16, 2005 I received an e-mail from Kayla S. about her creepy trip to Mary Jane's grave:

Me (Kayla) and about 7 friends went down to Mary Jane’s grave on October 16, 2005. Well, we went down around midnight and went to the big pine tree were she was burned. It looked like it was bleeding. A friend and I walked down by the fencing and there was this path. We told our group of friends that we wanted to go down that path. Well, we did and all this stuff started happening - like screaming and things were being thrown at us. We were getting hit with things that she was throwing at us! We all freaked out and ran back to the cars, and that is what happened to us!!!!!

Kristin, a very kind website visitor, e-mailed me an old article she found about the haunting at Mary Jane's grave. I wasn't able to find an electronic version of the article since it is so old, but you can click on the following links to read the scanned copies that Kristin sent me:

On October 24, 2005 I received an e-mail from Christine S. about her creepy trip to Mary Jane's grave:

I have been to Mary Jane's grave many times, but recently I went with some friends of mine (about 9 of us to be exact). Well, we got down to the bottom of all the hills where it dead ends and we got turned around (we had 2 cars) and we all got out at first. Then more people we didn't know came, so I would say there were about 15 of us (which is a rough estimate). We were walking around and one of my friends had just put new batteries in her digital camera on the way there....It wouldn't take a picture.....But when we got back out on the "main road" it was fully charged.

But after that, 4 of my friends went back to the cars. My friends Kayla and Kaitlyn noticed the moonlight was kinda in a strange "line" that ran from the large pine tree into the woods on the right side of the cemetery. Well, we all decided to hold down the fence and go across because there was a path I hadn't known about before. So we all got across and we had walked about 25 feet when we heard this shrill scream that I had heard one time before. My other friends and I had brushed it off as an owl. So we started walking again, and we got about 150 more feet when we heard a noise by a large tree. That's when the crazy shit started happening....small logs and rocks started flying at us, so we ran back up the path and got back in the cemetery and got in the cars.

In January 2004 I received an e-mail from Kurtis K. about his trip to Mary Jane's grave:

Mary Jane's grave is real. The first time I went there was 1973...I was young then, only 8 years old, but went with sisters and friends. Four people pee'd on her gravestone...all four are dead today! My mom also told me stories about that place - cars won't start, etc. All I remember are lots of people wearing the same thing...walking in rows coming from Hidden Hollow. They were heading for the graveyard, so we split. That was 1973...I think they were satan worshipers. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

I also received another story from Sarah H. in January 2004 about her most recent trip to Mary Jane's grave:

Me, my boyfriend, and his friend went to Mary Jane's grave, and everything everyone says is a lie! Nothing bad or weird happened up there...I got the most peaceful feeling I've ever had while I was up there. It is bullshit about all the gravestones being broke, and all the beer cans...if I was buried there, I would haunt poeple too! Nothing fucked up happened, and everyone needs to stop telling lies about that cemetery. Yes, it is freaky - but that's because it's abandoned. My boyfriend would have known if there was a bad spirit around because the hair on his arms stand up...and they didn't stand up there. So whatever kind of drugs these people are on, they need to shut their mouths!

In February 2006 I received an e-mail from Kristin A.:

I was working in the Emergency Room at the Mansfield hospital, and a couple of teenaged boys came in. One of them had been badly beaten while at the cemetery. I believe this happened at night, because I think I was working 2nd or 3rd shift that night, and I'm sure it was on a weekend.

Kristin's e-mail brings up a good careful if you do visit this cemetery. It is far away from any houses, and I am not surprised at all to hear that people have been hurt while visiting. Like I always say - the living people I may run into on my explorations are MUCH scarier than any ghosts that may haunt the location!

In March 2006 I received an e-mail from an anonymous visitor, with more information about the story Nathan sent back in August 2005:

I was one of three investigators who investigated the two young girls that got attacked at the graveyard (that story is true by the way - two young ladies that got attacked by five, not 7, young boys). After the incident, the other investigators and I made our way to the gravesite about an hour after we helped check the young ladies into the hospital. Fist things first - about halfway down the drive I looked out the passenger window from the backseat and saw an older lady clear as day. In hopes of getting more information about the case, I told him to stop so I could question her. I got out of the car, assuming she was a local to that specific area, and walked over to her. For some reason she was crying, and I asked her why. She said "I forbid violence when it pertains to me!" I turned around to motion to the other investigators, and when I turned back around she wasn't there. Now I don't believe in ghosts or what have you, but that morning at 3:00 AM I started to believe. There was nowhere for her to go, she was just gone. In fact, all criminal investigative reports are open to public view after the case is sentenced, so see for yourself. Anyways, we made our way down to the cemetery got out and shut the car off, but with the key turned to off, the car kept going. Weird, huh? We went to the center tree where the burn marks are...and yes, they are burn marks. Forensics were done and it was carbonized wood from being lit on fire, this area had been known before for it's wannabe occult lover sideshow meeting areas. We walked over to the tree, and one of our team members decides to pass out. So we ended up leaving to go back to the hospital to make sure he was alright. Ayways, long story short... I don't know if there are ghosts, but this place definetly has something more than human powering it. For years we've gotten calls on vandalism, occult meetings, etc.

It is trespassing when you go beyond the gravel road. Keep that in mind. It is not state property, and the owner of the property has won every case he's pressed for trespassing. So be smart and just be captivated by the story - don't see for yourself. I'd hate to have to go arrest someone just because they think there are ghosts that reside there. Maybe there is a ghost, maybe there isn't. Just take a law enforcement officer's word for it - IT IS DEFINITELY CREEPY

In April 2006 I received an e-mail from Emily S. about her experience at the cemetery:

Last night four of my friends and I went down to Mary Jane's Grave. Of course, I was scared shitless beacause I hate things like that. We walked to the tree and I just got this weird feeling. We decided to walk through the woods, and we made it like 1/4 of the way in and noticed that there was a light behind us. We stood there staring because we were shocked. Well, the longer we looked the closer the light got to us. Everyone got really quiet, and all a sudden we hear this noise that sounded like a door opening! My friends swear it was a tree, but it was enough to freak me out. We started walking towards our cars, and the light disappeared. I don't care what anyone says about this is really creepy! Also, nothing happened to my car last night, but today when I got off of work I started driving and it stalled. I just thought it was creepy!

I also received an e-mail about the cemetery from Guard900 in April 2006:

Here's a true story for you. This happened about 6 years ago. Me, my friend Charlie, his girlfriend, her sister, and her friend decided to drive down to Mary Jane's grave. It was around dusk time, and there used to be an old house nearby that people used to write graffiti on. Anyways, when we went past it nothing seemed strange about it. So we get to Mary Jane's grave and get out of the car and walk over to the tree. Sitting on the ground beside the tree was an old teddy bear with black candles on either side of the bear. So my friend Charlie gets this idea to light the candles. As soon as he lit them, we heard what sounded like a woman seemed like it was coming from above the trees. So we all got scared and ran to the car, jumped in, and started it. Well, it stalled on us, which was weird because it was a new car. We finally got it started and drove off. We went past that old house that was covered in graffiti, and sure enough on the tree next to the house it said 'Hi Steph'...which was Charlie's girlfriend's name. I am 100% positive it wasn't there before. CREEPY, HUH?!

In July 2006 I received several e-mails regarding Mary Jane's Grave. The first e-mail was from Nicole B.:

I have just read some of the stories from your site about Mary Jane Hendrickson. I would like to say simply that I doubt most of those people that have emailed you have really been to see the gravesite and really know what they are talking about. They are probably making up stories. I have been to the gravesite myself and have taken pictures that look similiar to your photos. I have been there because I go to camp Hidden Hollow every summer. This past June was the third time I've been to the camp, but only the second time I've been to see the graveyard...the people who said they've been to the graveyard speak of it as if it's easy to find, and that everyone knows about it. However, the truth is that the graveyard is NOT easy to find. It is in a huge woods, and if you are stupid enough to try to make your way through the woods, you may never get is HUGE! The graveyard is really small and the only ones to know of it, I imagine, would be the staff of HHC. Another thing - one of the responses says if you look into the hole of Mary Jane's grave you can see her eye...that is absolutely ridiculous! Anyone with a brain knows that if a woman dies in the 1800's then the eye is going to rot. Thus, you can't see the eye...duh. Also, Mary Jane didn't have her own tombstone...her name was on one big marble slab amongst a number of other names. So there was ALSO no hole on that one.

I do, however, believe that satanic rituals, seances, or whatever you'd like to call them, have occurred there... mostly because the staff of HHC have found remains. They warned us to not pick up anything unusual on the ground - we found confetti all around the base of the tree.

Now, just to clarify a few things. Do I believe all the stories about Mary Jane's Grave? No. However, the stories are interesting/entertaining. So about the gravestone with the eye - I'm sure it didn't exist, but I have to comment on Nicole's e-mail. That stone with all the names at the front of the cemetery? Those people all had gravestones that have been destroyed over the years (I think I mentioned this towards the beginning of the page). That stone simply lists everyone who is buried at the cemetery - it does not mark a mass grave. Also, there is a road that leads to the cemetery, you do not have to access it through the woods from the campground. That road is how most people access the graveyard.

But on with the July e-mails...the next one is from John:

Ok, most of the stories people tell about Mary Jane's Grave are probably just lies. I have been down there several times and nothing has ever happened. Someone posted that cell phones stop working...complete bullshit because I was talking on the phone down there standing in the cemetery. Also, someone said there are no houses even close to it - wrong again. One night two of my friends and I walked through the woods and actually walked into someone's backyard, and it wasn't Mary Jane's little house because they had a security light and a big dog which was chained up (thank the Lord).

I also received an e-mail from Tiffany R. in July:

I just wanted to add a small bit of information on the Bloody Mary legend. Of course I have heard of the slumber party mirror trick, so when I was in High School, naturally, I did a report on the myth. The original Bloody Mary is Scotland's royal Mary Stuart, also known as Mary Queen of Scots. It has been awhile since I wrote the report, but she had killed her husband and was separated from her child. She was very mentally unstable and was sentenced to the guillotine. Hence the legend, she comes back covered in blood when you call her name because she is searching for her child.

In September 2006 I received an e-mail from Jackie L. about her interesting experience at the cemetery:

We went to Mary Jane's Grave about two weeks ago, which would put it roughly in the beginning of September. Anywho, we spent a weekend prior to that trying to find the cemetery itself and it is NOT in Hidden Hollow. It is off of Tucker, and I can say the fastest way coming out of Columbus is 71 N, exit at 169 I believe, and take a right on Hayden Road, then turn right onto Pleasant Valley, which takes you to Tucker Road. Turn left, and where it dead ends is the cemetery. Aside from that, I wanted to let everyone know about our experience there.

It was myself (the only girl), Sammy, Adam, and Robert. We came across Tucker Road by accident, and I told Sammy to go left because I was informed that is was South on Tucker Road and I am pretty good with directions. At this time it was rolling at about midnight. The path went from paved to gravel to dirt quite quickly. We all started getting excited, believing that we'd actually found the graveyard this time. Sammy, who is the driver, lets out an excited whoohoo because we finally entered the site. As the car pulled past the gates, it was hit on the roof on the driver's side with a huge rock or something. When it hit, it sounded like a boulder hit it. I screamed and Robert and I both hit the deck because it was creepy, and well, we were scared. We turned the car around in what little room there was to turn around in, and decided after reading all the stories to leave the car running. That way it wouldn't stall. Nobody wanted to get out because of the creepy rock throwing in the beginning. I started getting impatient and said we had to get out because we drove all the way here and had looked for it last weekend and couldn't find it, so it was a waste to not get out. However, I stated as well that I didn't want to get out alone. The guys joked and said that if any ghosts popped out they would offer me as a sacrifice since I was the only girl. I found that to not be funny.

So we finally get out of the car and decide to have a look around. As we walk toward the bleeding tree (which it really looks like its bleeding), Robert saw a lady in white off to the right looking at us in the woods. So I turned to look at it and there she was. I quickly turned back around, figuring it was a trick of my imagination. We saw one of the pictures looking up in the tree here, so we decided to try and take pictures like that too. As I snap the shot I freeze and look at Sammy, "Did you see that or was that me?" Sure enough, he saw the lady's face looking at us from up in the tree. I said let's go back to the car, but Sammy was really into it so he kept snapping pictures and joking around saying "pose for me","thats it, work it,&uqot; etc. I told Sammy he was gonna piss her off, but he didn't listen and kept at it. Robert, Adam, and I decided to look around, and went to the left. As we were walking Adam got pushed by something and almost fell. Robert and I were in front and sammy was still taking pictures, he did NOT trip...Robert and Adam said they had enough so they went back to the car. Sammy couldn't find his lighter, so I headed to the car to get one, promising him we would go to the right to go down the path that Mary Jane supposedly throws stuff at people on. Sammy had his lighter earlier because he lit my last cigarette, but he couldn't find it and everyone checked their pockets and no one had it. So as I headed to the car to get one, Sammy following behind, he suddenly paused as did I because he yelled at us to shush. All of a sudden we could hear this woman screaming. I panicked so bad...I raced back to the car and jumped in, Sammy not too far behind. We decided to stay a little longer because we didn't believe we had seen enough to say yeah we saw her. As we sat in the car Sammy asked everyone to check their pockets again for his lighter. Robert said "Dude, I already told you I don't have it, I had my own." Well, he reached into his pocket anyways to check again and there was Sam's lighter. I was standing between Robert and Sam the whole time...Robert never had Sam's lighter, Sam lit my cigarette then put it back in his shirt pocket. I don't know how it came to be in Robert's pocket, nor do I care to find out.

We left shortly after that and Sam's car has not stalled yet. Basically, we plan to go back and see if we find anything more plauseable, but that adventure was scary enough in itself. It was a nice cemetery, except whoever was there before took beer out there there were beer bottles and trash scattered through out and it was sad that people could be so cruel. Another thing is one grave stone (crumbled) had the personal alive in 1767. Man that guy was old...

In January 2007 I received an e-mail from Jude about her experience at the cemetery:

Many years ago, when I was in my teens, a group of us (including 2 adults), went to Mt. Olive. The car I was riding in stalled as we got near the end of the dirt road. The radio had been on so it died too. The energy there was almost fog-like, and it was bitter cold.

We got back in our cars to leave, and as soon as I got in, the car died. I got out, the car started. I got in, it died. I walked most of the way out of that area before I could get back in the car without it stalling.

The person who said that the stories about Mt. Olive are all lies doesn't know what she's talking about. I am a mom and grandmom, and I'm also Pagan. I have interest in Mt. Olive for my own reasons but I also have respect for Mary Jane and all who rest there.

Consider too, in the Burning Times, many were accused of Witchcraft because they grew and used herbs for medicinal purposes. Much of what was believed to be fact back then carried through many generations. Even today, Witchcraft is considered satanic worship.

I also received an e-mail from Derek E. in January 2007 regarding his trip to the cemetery:

On January 21st 2007, four of my friends, my friend's stepdad and mom, went to Mary Jane's Grave. We took two cars. Halfway down the road where the gravel turns to dirt, my friend's stepdad stopped the car he was driving and made me stop because I was driving my car. My friend's mom was having a terrible asthma attack. They turned around, and my four friends decided we'd still go up there. We went up there, got out of the car, and the tree does actually look like it is bleeding. My friend said he thought he heard footsteps out in the distance, but no one else heard them so we thought he was just being stupid trying to scare us. Anyways, we all got back in the car. Nothing scary happened at all. I would like to go again just to see if I have the same luck. My car didn't stall, everything still had power, and we didn't see anything like a ghost. I will say you do get a pretty creepy feeling like someone is watching you though. Someone watching you, or is it just your heart racing because you know all the stories behind Mary Jane's grave? I think that's what makes it so scary. Your choice what you want to believe, but as for me I say nothing happened to make me not want to go back. Will probably be back sometime shortly!

I received an e-mail from Nate about his trip to the cemetery in March 2007:

Today, on Saturday, March 24, 2007 my little brother and I were on our way to go to the cemetery to get a few shots of the site for my class project. On out way there, after the last big hill, we both saw this red pick up truck. So I pull out my digital camera and started to film my brother driving up to this guy...we were both too afraid to go out of the car because as you know how far back it is in the woods...away from yelling distance. Well anyways, he starts backing up so we can pull forward and turn around. I have the camera on at this point with a full battery, and I walk up to this guy and am filming. I ask him if he minded if I questioned him on film. He said he did, so I turned it off. Well, we go about filming the rest of the little cemetery, which is so unkept and a sad place to look at. While filming, I noticed the battery bar had gone almost dead along with my cell phone. So we turn back and started driving home. I turned the camera on and started watching the footage. When it came to the guy in the truck, the truck was there but the guy wasn't in the video at all. His voice was, but it was all disoriented and unusual. I also happened to notice the battery was full again in both my cell and camera. Ever since then I went to work and had this weird cold chill on the back of my neck.

In April 2007 I received an e-mail from an anonymous site visitor:

My friends and I went out there tonight, Friday the 13th, and OMG...NOTHING HAPPENED! Contrary to the other tards that write to you and you post on your site, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens; even on Friday the 13th and after dark! It was me, Amanda, and my friends Keely, Nikki, Courtney and her sister, Ryen, Dani, Davis, and Jeremy. We went out there around 10:30 tonight. And aside from what everyone else on here says, there are NO ghosts, screaming, things getting thrown at you, 'bleeding' tree, car stalling, bad cell reception, trespassing signs, cops, horrible road conditions, or woman dressed in white. I think that everyone on here is soft in the head because nothing they said is true. I even came home and repeated "Bloody Mary" in the dark bathroom mirror 3 times. Ha wow, people are stupid and like to tell lies. Furthermore, I think that this Mary Jane Hendrickson was just an ordinary person who just happened to get a legend started about her. People should stop disrupting the souls that lie in that cemetery because this myth is absolutely busted!

In August 2007 I received an e-mail from Daniel regarding his experiences at Mary Jane's Grave:

Now, I'm not too sure what to really believe when it comes to Mary Jane's grave. I only have the experiences that I've come across with its history. The first time I went there, I was attending Hidden Hallow Camp. It seemed fine, and all the markings that were said to be there were pointed out by the camp counselor. One of the boys with us decided to spit on the tree. About 30 minutes after we got back to the camp, he broke his arm and had to go home.

That was when I was younger. The next time I visited the site it was very late, with a few friends of mine. As we drove down the road, everyone swears they saw some figure in the woods. Of course, I'm still trying to convince myself that it was some random person. It was pretty dark that night. I parked my car (an SUV) in a way that the headlights would shine into the cemetery. We all got out, and we walked to the tree. We all had this terrible feeling that we were being watched...and it was very cold in the cemetery, although the temperature was closer to 80 degrees.

We could hear sounds...almost like drums, but I'm almost positive it was just an overactive imagination. We get to the tree, and we look at it. We walk around it...suddenly my car lights go out. My doors were locked, so no random person in the woods would've been able to get into the car. We start walking towards the car, and the lights come back on. We decided to leave at this point. We get into the car and start to drive away. Suddenly there's a deer in my path and I have to stop real fast. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, expecting to hit it...but I didn't. The deer was nowhere to be seen, and I was apparently the only one who saw it. Now the deer could've just sprinted off, and if it was really there, I'm sure that's what happened...except that I should have hit it.

Again, I don't know what to believe...maybe it's an overactive imagination in a place where things are really, really creepy...

In November 2007 I received an e-mail from Trance regarding Mary Jane's Grave:

Like most of the other people that have written to you, I'm from Richland County as well. I went down to Mary Jane's Grave back in 2003, and I can report that nothing "spooky" happened. Now, let me establish something - I am a Witch, or Wiccan if you prefer, and I have been for over a decade. If there was something malevolent there, I could sense it. There were energies, just like in all cemeteries, but the most evil thing I encountered was the alignment being destroyed on my car because of that crummy road. Nonetheless, I'm more afraid of the living than the spirits of the dead, anyway.

And about Mary Jane being an Herbalist and not a Witch - back in those days, those words were interchangable. A big part of Witchcraft involves herbalism, as any Witch can tell you. The whole idea that a person could heal ailments with herbal concoctions and energy manipulation automatically made people assume they had some evil, supernatural power back in her day, so when she may have been viewed as a healer by those close to her, there is the possibility that others viewed her as an evil being.

If your visitors are looking for angry spirits, send 'em to the Reformatory here in Mansfield. Heck, even 545 going past it is chock full of nasty energies from escaped convicts, the family a couple of serial killers murdered, and random victims.

I received an e-mail from Brice E. regarding his trip to the cemetery in April 2008:

I went out to Mary Jane's Grave for the first time this year yesterday, April 27, 2007. I am personally skepitical when it comes to the idea of ghosts. We reached the drive to the cemetery at about 2:15 in the afternoon. From what I read, I had expected the road to be a lot worse than it was. We reached the grave simply (no rock, no women, nothing). Both of the gates were open, and there was spray paint covering most of the trees and the gates. Rocks weren't thrown at us, and I didn't see or hear anything in the woods. Once we got to the grave site, I had a real eerie vibe. The cemetery has thus been destroyed...The pictures on your website show quite a few gravestones standing that are now either pushed over or broken. Most of the gravestones are now broken and placed around the "bleeding tree." It looked like someone had taken spray paint and painted the tree. I didn't see any looks just like a pine tree. We walked around a little more, but nothing happened. We also turned our vehicle off to see if it would stall once. We tried to start it again, it started normally. There aren't any cameras hidden in the trees, and cops don't really patroll that area. From what I've gathered, it's just a cemetery that got beat to hell. You could tell that the people who go up there just leave all their trash. The fence isn't there anymore, and where Mary Jane's name is carved it looks like someone tried to paint over it...

Besides the eerie feeling I got when I first got there, nothing out of the ordinary happened...We did, however, see a blue shirt that was on the ground that looked like it moved. It might have been an overactive was on the opposite side of the woods, but we didn't really look into it. I figured it was just an animal.

I received an e-mail from Andrew M. regarding his trip to the cemetery in October 2008:

Last night me and two of my friends went to Mary Jane's Grave. All those stories people tell about stuff happening are not true at all. They probably haven't even been to the place. Your car doesn't stall or die, nothing happens to your phone, nothing gets thrown at you. I have a bunch of pictures from the grave on my phone...some of them you can barely see because it was so dark. Nothing at all happened. We walked around the cemetery for at least five minutes, and the tree does not look like it is bleeding. Everybody is either being complete pussies, or else they are trying to scare everyone else. Nothing bad happens there.

I also received an e-mail from an anonymous website visitor in October 2008:

Last weekend some kids from my school (not me) went to the gravesite, a couple pee'd and spit on the tree. Now, I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or not, but two days later one fell out of a 20 foot tree stand and broke four ribs, fractured his skull, broke his back, and was bleeding from his brain. He is still in the hospital. Just two days ago the other one woke up (not sure how true this is) to a bang on his T.V. set, then he saw some kind of ghost in the corner of his room. He also had a friend there who says the same thing. This is all I know about what happened to them, but I found it interesting. Also, a couple years ago, maybe two, my brother and his friends went down there and found nothing. However, on the way home a deer was running along side the car starring at them. He hit the brakes just as it tried to lunge at the car. I plan on going sometime and documenting it, but not sure when. I think it will be interesting whether anything happens or not.

I received an e-mail from Ryan G. in November 2008:

I remember Mary Jane's Grave, before the desecrations back in 1994 to be exact. Of course, I visited frequently as a youth with my friends, but we never desecrated any graves, I do not believe in that, but I do believe in trespassing, hahaha. When I would get into a fight with my girlfriend or parents I would go there because of the seclusion, often spending the night. I still frequent the location, although I was not aware of the motion detectors? Here is a story that I personally experienced throughout the years there. I'll give you one good one, but I've got over twenty stories for sure.

It was 2:00 PM in the afternoon, and a friend of mine and I wanted to unwind, so to speak, with a drink in the forest. No place better than Tucker Road. We backed the car around so it was pointing towards the entrance, and opened the bed of my El Camino to sit on and shoot the breeze. After a few cold ones, we decided to go into the actual site and walk around. During those days there was no master stone, and all the orginal stones stood erect. We started from the right and walked the entire circumference of the grounds. On our way out, we noticed three flowers on last flat stone. They were fresh as the morning dew. I honestly can't remeber the name on it or the flower, but it was like a mum and it was in August. There was, in order from left to right, a big one, a medium size one, and a smaller one. My friend picked up the one in the middle, the medium one, and I immediately told him to put it down. He laid it back on the stone.

At that point we ran to the store for more spirits (hehe) and decided to return around 4:30 PM. When we arrived, we backed the car around again and open the tail gate. By this time we were having a good ol' time shoptalking about work, etc. We re-entered the grounds, and randomly began to walk through, smoking cigiretes and enjoying the drinks and company. During this time through, I noticed that the songs from birds and the wind didn't exist, and when mentioning this to my friend, a giant flock of random birds left the trees heading north. As we looked at each other dumbfounded, we could hear in the background the slight rumble of thunder, as though a storm was moving in. At that point we decided to leave, and on our way out I glanced at the flat stone from earlier with the three flowers on it. To our surprise, the flower that my friend had picked up, was as dead as dust, while the others were still fresh. We shrugged it off and went on our way. We've seen a lot there, so that was of course no surprise. When you have the balls to spend the night there yourself, you'd be surprised how much you can take.

I've been there more times than the old man who lives closest to the cemetary, at all times of the day and night, and to the non-believers: it is sacred ground just like any other burial resting place, and at the right times you will experience the same things as well.

P.S. Tell Mr. Andrew M. to stay the night there while the moon is waxing, and we'll see who the real pussy is...

I also received an e-mail from Steve S. in November 2008:

There are a lot of opinions and stories about this Mary Jane's grave. I think a lot of you have never been there or have made things up. But let me tell you, whether you believe or not, it's just like this: do you believe in spirits or God? I grew up in Lucas, went to school there, did a lot of crazy things all over three counties. But to the story you all write, the grave of Mary is not at the end of Tucker Road! Yes, there is a tree there with a burnt mark on it at the cemetery at the end of Tucker Road. Now, I don't know how so many say differnt things about what is on the tree; I saw it back in 1976, and maybe it was different for me, but I saw well. What my friend and I saw was a cross burnt in the tree, which was not bleeding but had like white sap running down. We were only 14 and had his dad's car, which we had no permission to have lol. He was on the railroad at work. All I know is a weird thing happened after we had found her supposed grave, which has over the years been probably wrongly messed with. We heard people chanting and weird stuff that people who would think of this place as a way to reach the devil or just do weird things would do. We had enough, but to get to the point, when we got back from the woods to the end of the road, his dad's car was running! I asked him why he left the car running, and he said that he didn't and pulled the keys out of his pocket! We were so freaked out that we didn't move, but I asked what we were going to need to do in order to get the hell out of there. We thought mabye his dad came home because they lived close, and he knew where we were. So as we walked to the car scared, the car shut off and it wasn't his one was there.

Anyway, things happen don't have to believe, but I do. I recently went back with my kids and their friends, and I will tell you there is just something in the air there. Don't know what, but we all felt it and still heard things. And yes, cameras do work, but look close at your videos in slow speed. You might not believe what you see. Please to all who don't go there for real or don't see or feel things...don't lie! Whatever is there, whether it's the wind, spirits, or your mind playing tricks...we might never know! But I know something is there in the air...I believe!! I have been there, heard it, seen it, and felt IT!

In December 2008, I received another e-mail from the anonymous visitor who contacted me in October:

Not too long ago, myself and like 8 people piled into my friend's big van and headed down to the cemetery. The girls were scared that there might be a cult out there since it was the day before Halloween, so I brought my paintball gun. On the way there I was making sure it was on, and fired it out the window a couple times. Then for some reason, it stopped working. Mind you, I used this gun the past two days with no problem. So we tried to figure out what was wrong with it, and we couldn't. I then decided to shut it off (yes, it's an electrical gun) and set it down. Then, out of nowhere, it fired a round in the van! LOL, scared us shitless!

Then we stopped for gas at Hanley Road, right by State Route 13, and headed on our way. A couple of the girls that were there went the night before too, and they said that their cross necklaces got really hot the closer we got. Well, they took them off because they were scared, and we headed down the road. When we got to the cemetery, some people stayed in the car. We did not shut it off, because we didn't want to find out if the car would stall. Then this kid we were with, who we call Turtle, pee'd on the tree. Everyone freaked out and ran to the car, so we headed off. On our way down the the four way intersection, two cars passed us: a van and a truck, but we didn't think anything of it. So everyone convinced our driver to turn around and go back. To show the girls were wrong, I put one of their necklaces on, and we headed back. Surely enough, as we got closer, it got hotter. I didn't say anything to try and prove them wrong, but then I almost started sweating. I decided to take the necklace off then, when out of nowhere Garret, the kid driving, slammed on the brakes and skidded to a stop. He said, "There, back there," and we were like what? We looked up and saw the tail lights of the people who passed us. We were right by the last house on the left, so we turned around in their drivway and sat there for a minute.

We all started talking, and a couple of us guys were going to run down and shut the gate on the people and have a little fun. But then my friend Cody's jaw dropped (I was the one watching him, and it was kind of funny). He started screaming, "GO, GO, GO!" He spooked Garret, and we drove off. Well, when we asked him why we had to leave, he said he saw a big, burly guy with a beard standing a couple feet into the woods...he was staring at us and waving, lol. Down at the four way stop, people were having a bonfire so it could have easily been one of them. Anyway, that's my tale. I live like 5 minutes away, so I'm going to visit a lot more. It was fun, and although I'm not saying all this is true, that's what I experienced. Whether it was just in our heads, something messing with us or not, it was a blast!

I also received an e-mail from Erica M. in December 2008:

My friend and I decided that we were going to take a trip and find Mary Janes Grave! It was probably 9:30 PM when we left. Well, we went down Tucker Road, and it looked OK at first. Nothing too spooky. Then, once the road stops being a normal road, it gets very scary. You kinda have a bad feeling as soon as you get close to the cemetery.

When we got back there, we saw some graves right by the road. We got kinda worried on how we might turn around since it really is very narrow, but we did it. So we left the headlights on and got out of the car. We all had flashlights, and we found Mary Jane's name on the long tombstone with names. It got very cold real fast; my legs were shaking, and even my friend said she was very cold too. After we took our pictures, we proceded back to the tree. We stopped because we were shaking so bad, and our breath was really thick. When we got to the tree, I felt very sick. It just didn't feel right, it was almost as if maybe someone was watching or we were not alone.

We finished taking our pictures again, and my friend said "Did you hear that?" I was scared right then and there. The cemetery is surrounded by woods, and we heard a if someone was walking very fast in the leaves. So, of course, we got spooked and started to walk faster towards the car. When we did that, the noise got louder and closer. To be honest, it was like a horror movie. We felt like we couldn't run fast enough, and we never did find out what the noise was. When we finally got in the car and my camera was turned off, I put it on my lap. Well, the flash went off and we very quickly started the car and headed towrds the exit!

As we were going down the road, things got spooky. I saw what looked like a man standing behind the car, and I just froze. It freaked me out so bad, I was never more happy to get back out onto a normal road in my life. We plan on making two more trips back there, one at night but with more people :) And one during the day so we can actually check things out!

In May 2009, I received an e-mail from Andrea T. about her trip to the cemetery:

This Memorial Day weekend, a few of my friends drove to Mansfield, Ohio to say farewell to a fellow sailor before he left for Japan. He's native to the area...and I'm sure that anyone from there would agree that it's quite boring. He suggested going to see "Bloody Mary's" grave, so all five of us jumped into our friends Audi and decided to take a drive. It took us about an hour to find our way there with GPS, but finally we arrived. The first time we went, we decided to go during the day. I have to say it seemed very peaceful. Very quiet. Those woods are old. Nothing spectacular or memorable happened. I took some awesome shots with my camera. We went home a little disappointed after hearing all the stories and rumors posted on the internet about this cemetery.

However, later that evening we decided to go again. We'd made a list of some supposedly "haunted" places in the area, and decided to take a mini road trip. One of them being the Ashland Tunnel, which is another story altogether. I'd say we arrived to the cemetery around 1:00 AM, and I'm so glad we went there earlier in the day because it would have been nearly impossible to find it in the evening. Yes, the roads are crappy...and you better damn well believe that once we hit that gravel road our hearts started beating a litte faster. Now, I'm no expert on the supernatural, and regardless of whatever people have posted previously, I know from past experiences that just because you have a run-in with the paranormal in one place or time, it doesn't mean that someone else will in the same place. That's why shows like Paranormal State or Ghost Hunters or whatever, almost never capture the same phenomena that people claim. I'm also not saying that every bogus story people tell should necessarily be taken for fact. But, that night the air seemed charged. Electric. We turned the car around so we could drive off quick if we had to and got out. Upon immediately exiting the car, I felt like I was being watched. It was just eerie... not so much the cemetery, but the surrounding woods. We walked around the gravesite for a few minutes, snapping pictures and having a cigarette. Everyone but my friend Donna and I wanted to take a trail that led down into the forest (lol, boys). So we decided to stay behind in the car. We got in and attempted to lock it. It refused to lock. They were electric we tried locking them with the key, with the master lock on the driver's door, and pushing them down with our fingers. They wouldn't budge. Our friend was getting pissed too, because it was a 4 year old Audi in excellent condition. No problems before. As a sidenote, I will say we had reception and everything else that was electrical was working. But I wasn't about to sit in the car while the guys went off into the woods and the doors wouldn't lock. So we reluctantly got out and turned our flash lights on.

Upon approaching the trail, we saw one of a few dead and decomposing animals we'd see that night. I'm not quite sure what it was, a possom maybe, but it was disgusting. We passed it and started walking down the hill. We'd heard a rumor that there was a cave right off the trail, so we looked for that until we came to a fork in the path. There were a bunch of old farmhand tools...different looking machines... we weren't sure which way to take. My friend and I had been locked arm in arm the whole way down. And I noticed that she kept looking beside us (we were in the back) with a strange look on her face. I like to think I'm a pretty intuitive person, and I'm pretty sure she picked up on the same feeling that I had, which was that something was walking beside us in the woods. At the fork in the path, we all stood there in a circle... not sure which way to take. Suddenly, not to far off in the distance, we heard some insane barking from at least three dogs. It didn't sound like regular, I smell someone, get the hell off my territory bark...these guys sounded vicious and angry. We didn't hear anything, and we didn't see any other lights...and honestly, the barking reminded me of the way the dogs were barking in the movie Signs. It was just creepy. So we turned around and started back up the hill. My friend and I took the lead, and were practically running back up. On the way up, the feeling of being watched intensified ten fold. I know something was there. And to validate my feelings, Donna screamed and jumped back...she said she saw something in the woods. I believe her. It was an awful feeling...a feeling like: you don't belong here...get out. I wanted to be so far gone from that place at that moment. After that even the boys were running up the hill. We all rushed the car and got in and sped off. We were all spooked. Nothing, per se, actually "happened." But there definitely was a presence there that night. We all felt it. I didn't like it. And it's safe to say I'll never go back there at night. As stated before, those woods are home to a Native American burial ground...maybe the spirits were restless that night, or maybe it was an animal. But I think not.

I also received an e-mail from Connie J. in May 2009:

My name is Connie, and my parents were raised in the Lucas area. They have told me about the things that happened to Mary Jane. At first I didn't believe them. Well, on Saturday May 23, 2009 I found out different. My friends, Chris and his wife Ang, and my husband and I went to Mary Jane's grave to look around. Things were normal at the start...we all walked around looking at how people disturbed the place, and was very upset about it. I didn't think anything about it...I picked up some pinecones from the base of the tree, and made the comment that I could burn the pinecones in my fire at night. So I picked up a lot of pinecones, put them in my car, and continued to look around. I then decided that I wanted a picture of the dead tree branches. I could not take a picture with my phone, and my husband could with my phone?????? Made us all wonder what happened. Everybody could take pictures but me. I put the pinecones back and said very loudly that I was sorry, and that I didn't mean to disturb anything...please forgive me. And again, I couldn't take any pictures.

When I got home and downloaded several of the pictures that I took, I saw a tree house in the pine tree that any human could not see by the naked eye. And I also saw on my pictures a human face on the memorial stone with all the names on it. This may be weird, but it is there...I saw it. My friends saw it too, and I do believe in her and the spirit.

I received an e-mail from Drew P. in July 2009:

A few weeks ago a group of friends and I were on our way to Mary Jane's grave. As we were on Route 30, our tire popped. We all thought it was a sign or something to not go because it was like 12 AM. We never gave up going to the grave though.

As we were going back, we turned the radio on because people said things happen to it. But nothing did. Also, when we were going back, the fence was facing towards the exit. When we got to the grave we were all scared to get out, so we just turned everything off and sat in the car. We sat there for about 15 minutes and didn't notice anything odd. But as we were going out, we noticed the gates were facing towards the grave this time.

A week later we went with more people. We took two cars to the gravel part, then piled up in one car. We went back to the grave, and a couple girls wouldn't get out. The prankster that I am did the automatic start, and they freaked out and scrambled out of the car. We all got out of the car and just stood by it. We started walking to the grave, when two friends and I heard a loud scream. We looked at each other, freaked out, and ran. The other kids saw we were running, and they glanced and saw a big black thing in a tree. Almost forgot...when we got out of the car, we left all four doors open in case the car locked. As we were all running back, the only door open was the driver's door, which was mine. But we didn't hear any doors close.

I was the first to the car. I jumped in and told everyone to hurry. The other kids were looking back and running towards the car, expecting the doors to be open. They leaped toward the car...two kids collided with the car, but quickly hopped in. The back passenger door was locked and shut, but we all made sure it was open and unlocked when we left. And for everyone's information: if you're going to the grave, right before it will be a hidden drive. When you're about to pass it, dogs will chase you and not stop. And most of the time, if you look in the field after the house you will see a lot of deer. That part is sweet.

I received an e-mail from Jim B. about the cemetery in September 2009:

When I was in high school my two best friends lived about a ten minute walk away from Mary Jane's grave. Every October we'd hike back at night and wait for drunken tourists to come out and "party" at the gravesite. I can honestly say I never saw anything supernatural--although we did get spooky feelings and heard some strange noises once or twice--but we did see a lot of drunk or stoned teenagers running for their lives after we banged around in the woods for awhile.

These days people do trash the place, and it has become a favorite place for drugs and other things parents would disapprove of...if you do visit please keep this in mind: Don't go alone, and don't go at night. A few years ago, two women were kidnapped and abused at the site when they were ghost hunting...I can't find the link to the story, sorry. But, I'm sure if you contact the Sheriff's Department they would be happy to give you the info since it might deter future siteseers from being harmed.

I also received an e-mail from Steven H. in October 2009:

My friends and go to Mary Jane's grave a lot, and go to just be scared late at night.

I love on the way there from 603, because there are so many things to scare you. The hiking trail is there, where you can go before Mary Jane's grave and see the entire county, on Pleasant Valley Road, the trees on that road are so spooky and almost look like they will come out and grab you. Also, when you turn on Tucker Road, there is a statue of a dog with only two legs, which I always thought was creepy. And the church on Pleasant Valley Road! At night, the cross lights up and freaks me out. At first, when you come up on it, it looks just like a floating cross.

One night, during March 2009, me and my friends decided to go and visit. I drove my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and took the road down to the graveyard a bit fast and almost ran into a tree because of the grooved road. It was not fun. Once we got down there, my one friend decided to get out, and told us to leave him there and then come back so he could see what it was like to be alone with Mary. I told him that another friend should stay with him, so his friend from college jumped out. Me and my other two friends remained in the Jeep and drove back up. When we finally got to the top, where the road turns to pavement again, we saw HEADLIGHTS! We starting freaking out. As the truck passed us, we noticed it was a truck filled with hill-jacks. We could tell they were drunk and we could also tell that they had shotguns! All of us in my Jeep starting dialing our friend's numbers as the hillbilly truck raced down the road. We told them that a truck was coming down, that wasn't us, and we told them to be really quiet. Before we got a hold of them, our phones weren't working very well and we had trouble reaching them, but we still got a hold of them. The guys we left in the cemetery almost starting crying, they were so scared. The hillbillies started driving through the cemetery, peed on the tree and shot their guns, which really freaked out our friends. By the time the hillbillies left, we raced down and picked up our friends. They told us they had to hide in the woods and were almost lost. For some reason they almost couldn't find their way back to the cemetery. We were glad to leave. On the way home, close to Mifflin, my friend threw up. She said that she hadn't thrown up in years and that maybe, because we visited the graveyard, that has something to do with it.

No matter what you do, don't go down while it's raining, or go down with a car that won't get you back up. It would be terrible to not be able to leave that place.

I received an e-mail from Julia P. about Mary Jane's Grave in November 2009:

I go to a camp every year called Hidden Hallow. We have many activities, including going on a short hike to Mary Jane's Tree. I know a wiccan (witch) and she said that if Mary Jane was a witch she could have put a certain curse on the tree. She says she knows it for a fact (and I didn't ask her how she knows that for a fact!). Anyway, I wasn't stupid enough to go there after hearing that. So maybe an hour later I hear the people that got back freaking out. I was really curious, so I asked somebody and they told me that a girl touched the tree and her nose instantly started to bleed. Also another girl who touched it and is allergic to bees got stung 5 times and 3 spider bites on the way back. I don't encourage touching the tree unless you would like a series of unfortunate events happening to you. Also people puke and pee and do very nasty things to that tree. Also, when people talk about how the tree is dead...well duh, it was an adult in the 1800's and people have been peeing all over it! Take a good shower if you're stupid enough to touch it. And please do not do these nasty things to the tree - it's very disrespectful. How would you like it if someone completely vandalized where you were buried?

I received an e-mail from Ross about Mary Jane's Grave in May 2010:

In the summer of 2009, my girlfriend and two other friends decided to do something different, so we drove down to Mary Jane's grave. We started going over what the scariest thing that could happen would be, like something banging on the INSIDE of the trunk or the road behind us disappearing. The road getting there is very steep and very scary. There is a sort of creepy feeling there, but it's nightime in a cemetery, why wouldn't there be a creepy feeling? So we got out and walked around a bit, and looked at the big tombstone with everyone's name on it. On our way back out we turned on the GPS to get back home, and about halfway up the hill, the GPS lady (whose voice creeped me out before our trip) says you have reached your destination and that little checkered flag came up on the screen. So electronics really do get messed up down there I guess. We heard a lot of noises too, but there's probably all kinds of animals in those woods.

I received an e-mail from Jessy about Mary Jane's Grave in August 2010:

Last night I went to Mary Jane's grave for the first time with some of my friends. They had told me stories about the times they had been there before, and all the scary things that had occurred. I was quite critical. It's surrounded by trees and they had seen shadows in them. I rationalized and said that there were people in the woods just messing with them. I would love to just go there and scare people sometime. They kept insisting that no one would walk down there and hide in the woods alone, so I just let it go. Last night it was cloudy and very dark. All the guys in the group had flashlights, but as we were driving down the lane they kept saying how creepy it was and that they had a bad feeling about it. As we got down to the cemetery they all were upset because there was another car down there. They had just arrived and asked if they could stay with us. We said they could but quickly regretted it. They were loud and annoying, and as we were walking down one of the paths they were talking really loud and upsetting one of the guys in my group. He got pissed off and started yelling so we turned back. About halfway back one of my friends said that we should ditch the rest of the kids and walk the trail the whole way. We got a little farther and the guy that was leading suddenly stops and screams. We all jumped back and looked where he was shining his light. It was just a spider, but it was HUGE. We then gave up on that trail and went back to hang out around the tree. The car that we had met when we got there left and another car pulled up. The guy from that car was just as obnoxious and we were glad when they left too. The guys all decided that we should go to the tunnel about fifteen minutes away, and the car I was in got a head start when we were leaving. I had just sent a text to my boyfriend explaining that the spider was the scariest thing I had seen all night when the driver of my car stopped and waited for the other car to catch up. We all had our windows down and my friend was hanging out of his, watching for the headlights behind us. Right as the car pulled up we heard what sounded like something being dropped right outside of the car on the driver's side. I laughed because I thought it was my friend, and the guys started screaming at the driver to get the hell out of there! Once we arrived at the tunnel we started talking about what had happened, and the guys and girls in the other car said they had all witnessed what appeared to be a person running towards our car from the trees. I'm not exactly sure what happened that night, but I know one thing for certain - I can't wait to go back and see what all goes on in that cemetery after dark!

I also received an e-mail from Patty K. about Mary Jane's Grave in August 2010:

My husband and I have been to Mary Jane's grave several times lately. I love looking at old headstones (we stop at a lot of cemeteries)...not one weird thing happened while we were there (more than once). It was just sad to see all the headstones in ruins. What are people thinking? I hope one day the ones who broke these and had no respect for the dead get the same treatment when they pass on. I believe people let their imaginations run wild while there, and if they would get off the drugs and alcohol maybe they we see nothing is going happen to them.

I received an e-mail from Katie M. about Mary Jane's Grave in June 2011:

I wanted to agree with Larry, yet throw in a few more details. Larry is completely right, Mary Jane was not a witch. She was an herbalist. They hanged her for knowing how to heal with herbs and not by using man-made things. I personally do think I have seen Mary, at one of those stupid little slumber parties one of my friends held when we were younger. They all stood next to me, but I was center in front of the mirror. We said her name and the candle we had went out. I fell and twisted my ankle, and when they turned the lights back on I had scratch marks down my neck. I don't think Mary was a witch or anything at all, I think she is probably tired of being disturbed. I have heard multiple stories about how she died. And a matter of fact, I myself used to camp at Hidden Hollow, and they took us for a hike back there every year and told us her story. You have the dumb kids that mess with her tree of course, but then you have others. And I have heard that they hanged her, caught her on fire, and then cut her up in pieces and buried her under that tree. And yes, that tree is absolutely disgusting but with as many retards that pee on it and pour stuff on it how do you expect it not to be? The one chick is right, there is an ancient Indian burial ground. Also, somewhere in those woods is a cave that was blown up in the 1800's to kill a criminal that the cops couldn't seem to catch without explosives.

I received an e-mail from Drew P. about Mary Jane's Grave in August 2011:

My friends and I go down to Mary Jane's grave all the time, and have been since summer of 2009. A lot of the things people say are a joke. Things rarely happen there, but there have been times where things actually do happen. Take night vision goggles down there and I guarantee you'll shit yourself, the things you see in the woods are indescribable. But anyways, I was talking to my grandpa about the grave site the other day, and the reason that there isn't a gravestone is because his friends decided to play a joke on a kid that they were in school with who was very superstitious. Since then the gravestone hasn't been there. But when it was the stories you read about the 4 kids peeing on the grave stone are true. My grandpa was down there with the kids. They were all pretty good friends, and they were drinking. The two that were drinking decided to pee on it, and that night they hit a tree. My grandpa and the designated driver saw their friends die right in front of them. So that part is not a joke. But the "blood" you see from the tree is actually sap. Grab the bark and look at can tell. And I don't know if anyone else has been chased by the dogs that run from the driveway down the road from the entrance, but they normally come out when they hear a car. I swear on everything that they are possessed. I believe their owner took them down to the grave site and they were digging in the wrong area. It seems crazy, but it's possible. No matter what you try to do to those dogs you can't hit them. Not that I've tried, it's just that they will be right in front of your car as you are going 50 mph and somehow don't get hit.

The scariest thing that has happened to me was all my friends were sitting in the car and I was standing by the car door. I was like I'm gonna walk to the tree alone, and as I was standing I was messing around talking to the "spirits." I said why can't we be friends I love you blah blah, and next thing I heard was a deep woman's voice come from right behind the trunk. She said you better go and you better go now, and I'm 99.99% sure it was a spirit. For one, I was outside by myself, and for two I was with a car full of guys and this was clearly a woman's voice. Things do happen. It's a neat place to be at, but those low lifes who vandalize guys are jokes, and if I were to see it you could possibly be living very peacefully down there (: Just be respectful, it's not hard.

I also received an e-mail from Sophie Z. about Mary Jane's Grave in August 2011:

I've been a camper at Hidden Hollow Camp for four years, and none of your emailers have the story right.

Mary Jane Hendrickson was what we would today call a herbologist, but was in the 1800's called a witch. Everyday, she'd put her cauldron under that big tree in the middle of the graveyard and mix grass, herbs, leaves, whatever she could find to make remedies and the like. People who came to visit their loved ones in the graveyard were getting concerned. Some of them started to call her nasty things and mess with her house. The meanest was the mayor of Mansfield's son.

One night, he and about 20 of his friends got drunk. They went down and started to yell and throw rocks at Mary Jane's house. One of the rock's went through Mary Jane's window. Now, in the 1800's they didn't have lightbulbs. The rock hit a candle, causing the house to catch fire. Mary Jane was able to save half of her house. She went on living her life until the next night, when the mayor's son fell ill. The mayor took his son to doctors all over the area, but he knew his son was going to die. So eventually, he gave up and took his son to Mary Jane. Mary Jane tried to make remedies to save the mayor's son, but the next morning, the mayor's son was lying dead on he floor.

In a fit of rage, the mayor rounded up everyone in Mansfield that knew about Mary Jane's 'witchcraft'. They dragged her 700 yards from her house to the tree by her hair. They then hung her from the lowest branch visible today. When she was dead, they took her body down and burnt it, spreading the ashes around the base of the tree. It's said that that's why no grass really grows around the tree. It's also said that with Mary Jane's dying breath, the word 'CURSE' was burnt into the tree. Now, on a normal tree, something would've grown over that word.

Some say the story ends there, but HHC believes differently. When Hidden Hollow was first being thought up, the owner decided to cut down the tree. Who wants to have a cursed tree on their property? The lumberjack came and made it to three hits before the axe shattered. One piece of wood went right through his neck, killing the lumberjack instantly. That's what those lines are on the front of the tree. In other stories, when pointing out the word 'curse' on the tree, one of the hidden hollow counselors nicked the tree with his finger nail. On the way back to camp, he pulled a muscle. A camper touched the tree. On the hike back, she was stung by thirteen bees, in the same place. She was also allergic to bees. There are many other stories of campers touching the tree, but truth is, I don't want to type them all.

I received an e-mail from Ron about Mary Jane's Grave in August 2011:

Interesting site, I'll tell you my story which is brief. During the early 70's Greg M. and Steve B. died as a result of drinking, smoking lots of pot, and taking pills while at Mary Jane's grave (I was there with them, however, I wasn't a partier; I did drink some but I was too spooked to get wasted like they did). Both of them pissed on her grave and did all sorts of things I won't go in to. We left, and as soon as we got into town I had them drop me off, James G. also got out as they were really wasted. Both boys died a short time later as they hit a tree from what I heard. They died as a result of being wasted, not from the crap they did at the grave site. I imagine the Mansfield News Journal has the story of their deaths in their achieves, however, to my knowledge only James and I knew of what they did prior to crashing. Rumors will always fly about Mary Jane's grave; it is a spooky place to go to, and I'll confess that I've been there more than a few times as a youth and later one time to "pay my respects" as an adult. Each time I went there as a youth strange things did occur while at the site and short distances from the site. As an adult going there the final time before moving out west, I sat there alone and enjoyed the tranquility, the silence if you will, of this graveyard; there was nothing spooky to report unless of course you want to exploit the sun coming through the trees or the moisture that's always there because it's located in a hollow.

I received an e-mail from Jeff P. about Mary Jane's Grave in September 2011:

My name is Jeff, I went by Allen back in the day. We used to hit Mary Jane's about every Friday night drinking . We lived on Hanley Road, and I went to Madison Senior High. I drove a 1966 Ford Falcon. Well, to make a long story short, a friend and I just got done rebuilding the carb on my car. We went to Mary Jane's about 10:00 PM. Come midnight, all hell broke loose. We started hearing screams and saw someone coming through the woods with a lantern. Then we heard the howling, and it was like the cemetery lit up. We had gone down there many times, but that was the only time anything like this had ever happened. And by the way, I started going there in 1974-75, and once in 1976 before I left for the Navy. Well, we ran back to the car after hearing all that, and the doors were locked. Once we got in the car it wouldn't start. Joe looked at me and said, "Shit, looks like its the f--king carb sitting in the front seat!" The bad thing about it is that we didn't even have a chance to drink our Boone's Farm. We put the carb back on, and the whole time it seemed like someone was watching us.

I received an e-mail from Megan about Mary Jane's Grave in October 2011:

I am surprised that I am emailing you this, but the rumors must be stopped about Mary Jane Hendrickson. Yes, I know the story of how she was thought to be a witch is very well true. However, the story about her house being burnt and that she was hung at "Mary Jane's grave" is very untrue. The truth is that there were many buildings on her property; many were for storage for many things, "barns," if you must. There were seven if I remember correctly. There was a fire, but it was in one of the barns near her house, and another of her barns was shot many times with shot guns. There were still remains of the burned down barn for proof the last time I visited it. The house and two of the barns remained intact until recently by the order of the property owner in 2011. I have personally been into the house myself and also into two of the barns where I had found some rather interesting things, such as on old blanket. I had even taken a piece of the wallpaper with the date 1852 on it, that I assume would be the last time the wallpapers had been done. Between the house and the closest barn lied the tree which Mary was hanged from. I cannot say whether she was left to die or burned or whichever it may be, but I do know that three chains are still attached to the ever growing tree. The chains lay probably about 10-15 feet higher than they would have been if she was killed there, so I do believe that this was the site of her death (although I am sorry to say the area has been cleared within this past year). The grave may be haunted by the souls of the dead, but how she died and where she died are very untrue.

I received an e-mail from Henesy about Mary Jane's Grave in November 2011:

On November 8, 2011 me, my brother, my mom, and my friend drove down to Mary Jane's Grave, and the closer we got the sicker I felt. I told them to turn around and go back, but they laughed at me thinking that I was lying. So we were driving on the dirt road when my friend yelled out, "Oh my God, KYLE STOP! THERE'S A DOG!" My brother (Kyle, the driver) slowed down to about 25 or 30 mph and this dog was on the other side of the road running with our car. Well, we passed a driveway on the left and we stopped because me, my friend, and brother all saw a little boy with two more dogs on the left. We backed up and turned around. We went to leave, and the dog that was chasing the car was NOWHERE to be found. Just wanted to share that experience. I also have another to share with pictures...we had touched Mary Jane's grave, and my friend Mike got scratched on both sides of his body. REALLY CREEPY!

Here are the photos that were sent with the e-mail:



I received an e-mail from Vanessa about Mary Jane's Grave in November 2011:

My friend took a picture of his Baretta in 2003. In the original picture his aunt saw something so she blew it up. What you see in this picture is not photoshopped. I have the original picture which was taken of the whole car. My friend said he had put a piece of tombstone in his car prior to taking this picture. In the photo you can see multiple faces if you turn the picture. I see an old lady in it.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that that he said he was at Mary Jane's grave around 4:00 PM on an early October day in 2003. The picture is of his rear driver side window. The original picture was taken from the new monument stone and the car was sitting where the trail is. You can see the fence post. You probably think it is fake, but it is 100% real. My own experience is that my digital camera went dead when I was there. When I got back on the main road I had a charge again, now that is strange. The reason he took a piece of tombstone was to scare his cousin, not knowing there would be a demon in his window (that's what I think it is). You can even see she has an old looking shirt on, and her hair is up in a bun. I may send it to another website too, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to view it first.

Here is the photo that she sent with the e-mail:

image in car

I received an e-mail from Justine A. about Mount Olive Cemetery in March 2012:

Link to cemetery on Find A Grave.

This is not here-say, this is not stories, this is geneology and newspaper information.

I personally dedicate much of my own time to going around to Ohio cemeteries and taking photos of graves for people who are doing their geneology or just need the to see the stones for their own piece of mind. I think that sites like yours cause drunk teenagers and adults to go out to graveyards and vandalize them. I may have been one of those kids when I was younger but this is serious stuff. I know locals are likely to never forget the myth that surrounds the legend of Mary Jane. But there is more at stake here than just one graveyard. If tomorrow someone comes across another legend about some other cemetery, who's to say that that graveyard won't end up in just as bad of disarray as Mount Olive Cemetery.

If your gravestone is destroyed you don't exist, in some cases you never existed. I can't find the grave of my great great great great grandfather because his tombstone is likely unreadable now because it was knocked over by someone and cracked into many pieces and weathered away. I won't ever know when he was born or when he died as they didn't keep birth records and death records as well back then so I likely won't find out that way either.

My point is maybe you should put a disclaimer or something about vandalism on your site about how it is illegal and if you are caught you will likely be prosecuted.

Justine probably didn't have time to read through everything, because that disclaimer is on several pages of the site. I do not condone vandalism, I volunteer to do cemetery restoration, and I use every available opportunity to talk about my disgust for cemetery vandalism. Unfortunately, these ghost stories exist. Not every person who visits them damages the stones. In fact, just as many cemeteries WITHOUT ghost stories get hit by vandals. Until parents do a better job of teaching children why this is wrong and ensure that the behavior will be punished, it will continue to happen. It's very important that we all take an active role to keep an eye on our cemeteries! This stuff has happened LONG before sites like mine were created.

If you have a story or any information about Mary Jane's Grave, feel free to e-mail me and I'll include it on the site!

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