Old Meetinghouse Cemetery

Princeton, Massachusetts

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The Old Meetinghouse Cemetery is located on Mountain Road in Princeton, Massachusetts (Worcester County).

The Old Meetinghouse Cemetery is no longer active. There are many old slate gravestones with beautiful carvings and interesting epitaphs. There are even two gravestones that mark the resting place of "negro" servants. The cemetery is very well maintained.

The most well known gravestone in the Old Meetinghouse Cemetery is probably that of Martha Keyes. In fact, she is part of a ghostly legend. On April 4, 1755, Martha's 4-year-old daughter, Lucy, followed her sisters to nearby Wachusett Pond. Her sisters returned home from the trip, but Lucy was never seen again. Martha was very distraught, and she never stopped searching for her daughter. She was so upset that she was almost driven to insanity. Neighbors often heard her roaming the woods at night, yelling her daughter's name. Lucy's parents never did find out what happened to her. The most common explanation is that Indians found her in the woods and carried her away. Others believed that the Keyes' neighbor, Tilly Littlejohn, murdered her over a feud involving his property line with the Keyes family. No one knows for sure.

In 1789, after Martha Keyes died, the ghost stories started. Many people reported seeing her spirit roaming around Wachusett Mountain, calling her daughter's name. Others saw her spirit weeping at her gravesite. In fact, some people still claim to witness Martha's spirit on the mountain and in the cemetery.

Many thanks to Ta Mara C. for taking me to this cemetery!

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