Old Pioneer Cemetery

Alexandria, Ohio

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The Old Pioneer Cemetery is located behind the school off OH-37 in Alexandria, Ohio (Saint Albans Township, Licking County). The coordinates are 40° 5' 37.92" N, 82° 36' 47.77" W.

The Old Pioneer Cemetery was established in 1838, and it is no longer active. It is located in the back section of Maple Grove Cemetery. Many of the gravestones have been damaged over time, and are now laying in stacks throughout the cemetery. The grounds are very well maintained by the township.

Many people believe the Old Pioneer Cemetery is haunted. Now I'm not claiming this is true (in fact, I doubt there is any truth in the story), but legend has it that the Devilbiss family who is buried here were Indian killers who practiced Satanic rituals in the woods near the cemetery. The Indians they captured were used as the sacrifices in their rituals. The family members are supposedly buried in a different direction than anyone else in the cemetery. Today their restless spirits are seen wandering the graveyard at night.

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