McNamee Cemetery

Thurston, Ohio

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McNamee Cemetery is located on the west side of Ruffner Road, a ½ mile south of OH-256, outside Thurston, Ohio (Walnut Township, Fairfield County). The coordinates are 39° 49' 57.13" N, 82° 31' 53.29" W.

McNamee Cemetery, also known as Hite Cemetery, is no longer active. There are many old gravestones, but unfortunately most have been damaged. Several of the gravestones have beautiful carvings, and it is an interesting cemetery to visit. The township does a great job maintaining the grounds.

John McNamee, a descendant of some of the people laid to rest in this cemetery, sent me some interesting information about the cemetery:

The land where the cemetery is was Federal land pre-1800, McNamee land 1800-1895, and Hite land post 1895, and currently ward of the Walnut Township Trustees. I have done some repairs to my ancestors' markers you'll notice if you ever return there. They were the extremely forward-leaning one and the fallen one beside it. They now stand proudly.

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