County Infirmary Cemetery

Dayton, Ohio

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The County Infirmary Cemetery is located back a gravel/dirt lane off Infirmary Road in Dayton, Ohio (Jefferson Township, Montgomery County). The coordinates are 39° 44' 19.23" N, 84° 16' 59.58" W.

The County Infirmary Cemetery is no longer active. It was the burial ground for indigent residents who died while residing in the Montgomery County Infirmary (also called the Poor House or County Home). Conditions at county homes such as this one were not always pleasant, and life was hard there. For more information about the former County Infirmary, please visit Carolyn's Infirmary Home Page. Her page is filled with great information, and even has a page about the cemetery.

Many thanks to Pam Bohnenstiehl for taking me to this cemetery!

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