Mount Calvary Cemetery

Cambridge, Ohio

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Mount Calvary Cemetery is located on a hill off the south side of US-40 outside Cambridge, Ohio (Cambridge Township, Guernsey County). The coordinates are 40° 0' 42" N, 81° 37' 33" W.

Mount Calvary Cemetery was established in 1909, and it is still active. There are several old gravestones, and most are in excellent condition. In my opinion, one of the most interesting monuments was one with a statue of a saint and three children in a tub. I wasn't sure which saint it was, so I got online to do some research when I got home. Through my research, I discovered it was a statue of Saint Nicholas and three boys in a pickling tub. I'll provide a link, but here's a summary of the story: Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children. One of his miracles involves a dream he had about an innkeeper murdering two young rich boys in order to steal their wealth. He then chopped up the boys and hid their remains in a pickling tub filled with pork. The next day, Saint Nicholas found the innkeeper from his dream and confronted him about the murders. He confessed to the crime. Saint Nicholas then went to the tub and passed his hands over it. The boys then stepped out, alive and well. For more information about this story, please see the Saint Nicholas Center site.

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