Marine Hospital

Savannah, Georgia

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The Marine Hospital, also known as the U.S. Public Health Service Building, is located at the corner of York Street and Drayton Street in Savannah, Georgia.

The Marine Hospital was built in 1905, and it stayed open as a hospital until the early 1980's. When I visited in April 2006, the hospital was empty; I have heard that it is being renovated by the Savannah College of Art and Design, and will serve as office space for various departments. (Many thanks to Janice for telling me about the renovation!)

The Marine Hospital is supposedly one of the most haunted structures in Savannah. Sailors who arrived with a fever were sent to the hospital's quarantine ward to prevent a disease outbreak. Many of these men never made it out - thousands spent their last days sick in the hospital. Today many visitors claim to see the spirits of these sailors in the upstairs windows while passing by.

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