Logan County Museum

Bellefontaine, Ohio

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The Logan County Museum is located at 521 East Columbus Avenue in Bellefontaine, Ohio (Logan County).

The Logan County Museum has been located in the Orr Mansion, a beautiful old home, since 1989. There are many exhibits featuring historical artifacts and information regarding Logan County's history. It is one of the nicest county museums I have visited.

I visited the museum during a paranormal investigation with BSPHI in August 2008. Although I hadn't read about any hauntings prior to the investigation, many visitors have witnessed strange occurrences while visiting the museum. Objects have been moved around, and there had also been unexplained problems with motion sensors going off for no reason in the past. The BSPHI team did notice interesting results with the K-II meters, and several EVP recordings were captured.

For more information about the Logan County Museum, please visit the official website.

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