Licking County Home Cemetery

Granville, Ohio

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The Licking County Home Cemetery is located on the north side of Union Station Road, just east of the intersection with OH-37, about three miles south of Granville, Ohio (Union Township, Licking County). It is also known as the Infirmary or Poor House Cemetery, and it is located beside the old Union School.

The Licking County Home Cemetery is no longer in use. The cemetery was used to bury indigent patients while the Licking County Home was still in operation. The majority of the gravestones contain nothing other than a patient number, which is standard for infirmary, asylum, and prison cemeteries. There are a few gravestones with names and dates...these stones were purchased by family members. The cemetery is well cared for, although there are many broken gravestones laying in stacks in the middle of the cemetery.

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