Lalaurie Mansion

New Orleans, Louisiana

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The Lalaurie Mansion is located at 1140 Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Lalaurie Mansion was the home of Doctor and Madam Lalaurie, a wealthy New Orleans family in the mid-1800's. It is supposedly one of the most haunted places in all of New Orleans!

Legend has it that on April 10, 1834 a fire broke out in Lalaurie Mansion's kitchen. The fire department rushed to the house and put out the fire. Since the fire was so bad, they decided to check all the other rooms in the house to make sure there were no burning embers left behind that could start another fire later. On the third floor, they came across a room that was barred shut with a heavy beam. The firefighters forced the door open and were horrified at what they saw. About a half dozen slaves were in the room...a few were dead, but there were still some alive. The slaves weren't just chained up though...some were restrained on operating room tables, and they had been tortured terribly. Human body parts and organs were thrown all over the floor. There was one slave who was locked up in a cage, who had all of her bones broken and reset into unnatural positions - she looked like a human crab. Another slave had all of her limbs amputated, and was writhing around on the floor. Some had been victims of gruesome sex change operations, while others had their faces and bodies transformed to look like hideous creatures. It was absolutely disgusting.

The fireman called the police and medics. The police arrived, but before they could make any arrests a carriage flew through the courtyard...the Lalaurie family escaped and were never seen again.

Supposedly people can still hear the screams of the mutilated slaves, and there have even been some reports of people seeing the apparitions of some of the slaves. It's definitely a creepy story!

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