Pioneer Village

Kenton, Ohio

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The Pioneer Village is located at 14344 Fairgrounds Road in Kenton, Ohio (Hardin County). It is right next to the County Fairgrounds.

The Pioneer Village is made up of several buildings: A barn, the Beech Grove School, the Dunkirk Jail, a log cabin, and the Yost farmhouse. All contain historical exhibits, including many antique farm implements.

I visited the Pioneer Village in July 2008, as part of a paranormal investigation with the Buckeye State Paranormal and Haunting Investigators. The most well known legend involves the Burnison farm that was located on the property. The legend goes that one day Mr. Burnison was plowing the fields. While he was doing this, he soon noticed his wife's favorite mantle clock sitting in the field. He was afraid that someone broke into their home; the clock was his wife's most prized possession, and there was no other reason for it to be outside. He grabbed the clock and took it back to the house. When he went inside, he discovered his wife's dead body. Many believe it was her spirit that moved the clock outside, to get her husband's attention. Today people claim to see her spirit roaming around the property.

For more information about the investigation results, please visit the official BSPHI investigation report.

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