Kiln Number 14

Logan, Ohio

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Historic Kiln Number 14 is located at the Garden Accents Factory Outlet Store in Logan, Ohio on State Route 93 (Walnut Street).

I went to the Garden Accents store with my mom on a quest to find interesting planters for our gardens. I was very impressed with their planters, but the part that really excited me was the sign that said "Visit Historic Kiln 14"...I never imagined that I'd find a historic building at this store!

Kiln Fourteen is a "beehive" style brick kiln. It was built sometime in the 1920's to fire clay pipe. Today it's not being used to fire clay pipes, but it is used to display some of the store's items.

Simon Leiderman, a website visitor and clay engineer, sent me some very interesting information about beehive style kilns that I thought I'd share:

"The vent is actually where they had a burner to heat up the dragon. The chimney (stack) is that far and that disproportionately tall to create enough flue draft to pull the heat up from the walls, down the center, though the holes on the floor, along an underground tunnel, and out the stack.

These kilns were also called downdraft kilns because the heat got pulled DOWN through the clay ware by the massive draft created by such a tall chimney."

A big thank you to Simon for sharing this information with me, I really appreciate it!!

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