Hardin County Armory

Kenton, Ohio

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The Hardin County Armory is located at 128 North Main Street in Kenton, Ohio.

The Hardin County Armory was constructed in 1894, and it is one of the oldest armories in the state. The building is now used for receptions and other meetings.

Although there are no records of any deaths at the Hardin County Armory, many people have experienced paranormal activity in the building. There have been reports of cold spots and shadows. I attended an investigation at the Armory in February 2008, with BSPHI. I enjoyed walking around, but nothing creepy happened until I went in the basement. I was with Brian and Nathan. We were using a K-II meter, which is a type of EMF meter that has lights to show spikes in electromagnetic fields. We attempted to use it in the main level of the basement, but we didn't get any results; the light stayed solid. We then went to the sublevel of the basement. We started to ask more questions. Nothing happened at first, but after a few minutes we started to get answers...we'd ask yes or no questions, and the lights would start blinking! It was a pretty interesting experience. Once I get familiar with video editing, I'll post a short video of us using the K-II meter (right now the file is huge - I need to shrink it down!).

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