Kempton Cemetery

Columbus, Ohio

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Kempton Cemetery is located at the intersection of Olentangy River Road and Knightsbridge in Columbus, Ohio. It's between Henderson and Bethel Roads, close to Anheuser Park.

According to the signs, Kempton Cemetery was established in 1819. However, the oldest recorded stone is from 1816. This cemetery has seen better days...a lot of the stones are broken and unreadable. In 1980 an Eagle Scout put up the signs (his name and date are carved on the back of the signs), and there are also a few benches.

I had driven by this cemetery a million times and never noticed it. My friend John told me about it at work one day, so the next time I was in that area I made it a point to look for it. It's not hidden at all, so it's not difficult to find. I guess I didn't notice it because it doesn't seem like a spot where you'd see a cemetery...there's an apartment complex behind it and some kind of medical center across the street.

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