Johnston Park/Bridge

Lancaster, Ohio

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Johnston Park/Bridge is located at the intersection of Clearcreek Road and McDonald Road in Lancaster, Ohio. It's a little over a mile from Clear Creek Metro Park. It's not too far from Revenge Road, where the old town of Revenge was once located.

The Johnston Bridge was built in 1887 by August Borneman. It is a Howe truss design, which used inch thick steel rods. These steel rods are used to maintain the arch. The Johnston Bridge was used until 1991. It was then replaced with the steel and concrete bridge which is right next to it today.

The Johnston Bridge is also supposedly haunted! There are a couple versions of the story:

In the late 1800's a woman was traveling home with her husband in a horse drawn buggy. A severe thunderstorm hit and scared the horses, so the woman got out of the wagon to help guide the horses across the Johnson bridge. She lost her footing and fell into the creek and drowned.

Other (more interesting) story:

In the late 1800's the woman found out her husband was having an affair. He planned to leave her for the other woman. She was so upset that she committed suicide by jumping off the bridge during a storm (or by hanging herself by the bridge).

The ending is the same for both versions: Today the woman's ghost can be seen standing or walking along the bridge. People claim to have had all sorts of car problems (like new cars refusing to start, flat tires, etc) when visiting this bridge on stormy nights.

A big thank you to my coworker Kathy for giving me directions to the bridge and for sharing the ghost stories with me!

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