Jailer's Inn

Bardstown, Kentucky

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The Jailer's Inn is located at 111 West Stephen Foster Avenue in Bardstown, Kentucky (Nelson County).

The Jailer's Inn, now a bed and breakfast, was the former Nelson County Jail. It was in operation from 1797 until 1987, and today it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The front building is the oldest, constructed in 1819. The back building was constructed in 1874, and it is surrounded by a tall stone wall.

Now, being able to sleep in an old jail is cool enough. But it's even better when it's supposedly haunted! Many visitors see the prisoner's ghosts roaming the halls, and almost everyone has heard unexplainable footsteps while staying there. One of the most well known ghosts at the jail is that of Martin Hill. Martin Hill was convicted of the murder of his wife, and was sentenced to execution by hanging. The execution was scheduled to take place at the gallows behind the Nelson County Jail. However, he died in his cell before they could hang him. His death was very painful, and witnesses claimed they could hear him crying and moaning in agony from his cell. Some believe it was the spirit of his wife who slowly killed him in revenge.

I honestly can't say enough nice things about the Jailer's Inn. The staff members/owner are incredibly nice and helpful, and the rooms are very nice. If you ever find yourself in the Bardstown area, I'd definitely recommend staying there!

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