Salem Cemetery

Hendrysburg, Ohio

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Salem Cemetery is located on Salem Ridge Road (TR-343) in the Egypt Valley Wildlife Area outside Hendrysburg, Ohio (Kirkwood Township, Belmont County). The coordinates are 40° 5' 20.93" N, 81° 9' 13.64" W.

Salem Cemetery is also known as Salem Church and Salem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery. The Salem Methodist Episcopal Church was located across the road from the cemetery until it burned down in the 1960s. There are lots of old gravestones, and it is growing since it is still an active cemetery. It is extremely well taken care of by the Kirkwood Township Trustees. I had heard that this cemetery is very difficult to find since the roads aren't marked very well, but I had no trouble finding it at all. Click here for directions!

Salem Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox, the first person murdered in Kirkwood Township. She is buried at Salem Cemetery, her gravestone (pictured in the dropdown list above) is located at the bottom of the hill in the older section of the cemetery near a creepy old tree. The epitaph on ger gravestone reads:

Daughter of
John E. & Mary A.
Murdered by
Thomas Carr
Jan. 21, 1869
Aged 13 years 11 months
and 13 days

Many people have claimed to see Louiza weeping at her grave. She also haunts her murder site, which you can see by clicking here.

Also, since Louiza's grave is one of the main reasons people visit the cemetery, many items are left on her grave by these visitors. I've seen just about everything left on it - from toys to deodorant! On my third trip to the cemetery (in November 2006), I decided to leave something too:

my contribution

Although the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox is the most popular haunting at this cemetery, there are also a few other stories. One legend has it that if you walk around the outside of the cemetery six times you will disappear. There are also stories about several old, unmarked graves that belong to witches.

I'm not sure how true the haunting stories are, but I can tell you that Salem Cemetery is a very beautiful cemetery that is quite interesting to visit!

In January 2007 there was an article about the murder in the Times Leader. You can click here to read it.

Many thanks to Tim Fox, Rob Philabaum, and Marty Myers for visiting this cemetery with me on my second trip in September 2006! Also, thank you to Justin Huntsman for visiting the cemetery with Tim and I on my third trip to Salem Cemetery.

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