Holly Hotel

Holly, Michigan

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The Holly Hotel is located at 110 Battle Alley in Holly, Michigan.

The Holly Hotel is known as one of the most haunted buildings in Michigan, as well as America. Many people, both guests and employees, have witnessed strange, unexplainable things in the hotel. While there are many ghosts haunting the hotel, a few are seen more than others...

One of the ghosts observed by many is Mr. Hirst. He was the original owner of the hotel, back when it was known as the Hirst Hotel. Most people don't see his ghost, but rather smell him. Mr. Hirst smoked cigars, and today many people smell cigar smoke in many different areas of the hotel.

Another ghost that many people see at the Holly Hotel is Nora Kane. People who have seen her say she is very beautiful and friendly. Many guests have captured her apparition in wedding photos. But even more people have smelled her flowery perfume around the main bar, or heard her playing the piano.

The kitchen is haunted by a little girl who died while staying at the hotel. He ghost is the most active in the hotel. People often hear her messing around with the various utensils in the kitchen, but especially the meat cleaver. In addition to haunting the kitchen, she is often heard running up and down the halls.

For more information about history and hauntings at the Holly Hotel, please see their official website: www.hollyhotel.com.

A big "thank you" to Teresa Jeffreys for taking me to Battle Alley. I really appreciate all the help she has given me with locating cemeteries and haunted places in Michigan!

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