Hillcrest Cemetery

Grafton, Massachusetts

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Hillcrest Cemetery is located between Green Street and Centech Boulevard in Grafton, Massachusetts (Worcester County). The coordinates are 42° 15' 9" N, 71° 41' 4" W.

Hillcrest Cemetery is the resting place of 1,041 patients who died while residents of the Grafton State Hospital between 1901-1975. It would be difficult to find this cemetery when there are leaves on the trees; it was difficult enough to find during early spring! There is a white obelisk that has a plaque in front of it, which lists the names of veterans buried in the cemetery. Only a couple graves are marked with flat stones that contain names. All the other markers are small concrete blocks that contain nothing but a number. Many of the concrete markers have sunken into the ground and are no longer visible.

There is also an interesting stone tower beside the cemetery. I'm not sure what it was used for.

For more information about the Grafton State Hospital and Hillcrest Cemetery, please visit 1856.org: State Hospitals of Massachusetts.

Many thanks to Ta Mara C. for visiting this cemetery with me!

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