Hill Cemetery

Delaware, Ohio

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Hill Cemetery is located off OH-257, north of Home Road, outside Delaware, Ohio (Concord Township, Delaware County).

It's very easy to drive right by this cemetery. I was driving along OH-257 when I noticed two small American flags and a yellow sign out of the corner of my eye. I turned around at the next street and drove back to visit it. There is a small driveway you can park in, then you have to walk around the fence and hike back a long, grassy trail through the woods. You'll eventually come to a fork in the path, and if you look closely you will be able to see the gravestones through the trees in the center. There's a cool iron gate at the bottom of the fork to the left.

Hill Cemetery is definitely one of the most interesting and beautiful cemeteries I have visited. It is no longer an active cemetery, and all of the gravestones date back to the early 1900's or later. It sits on the bank of the Scioto River, and there is a beautiful view of the river through the trees at the back of the cemetery. Concord Township takes exellent care of it! Most of the gravestones are in fantastic condition, and the few that are broken seem to be that way as a result of natural causes, not vandalism. It would be very difficult to sneak into this cemetery at night since it's impossible to drive a vehicle past a gate, and any vehicles would be visible from OH-257. I'm thankful for that, it would be sad to see this cemetery (or any cemetery!) destroyed by disrespectful visitors.

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